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Whatusersdo ReviewOne of the first ways I actually made money online was when I saw some resources online regarding a few sites on website-testing. Could you actually make money doing this sort of thing? Well, that’s what I’m going to be talking about in this Whatusersdo Review.

Website testing or user testing as it is sometimes known, are companies that have a database of clients that want feedback on their sites. The type of clients can range from the big ‘well-known’ companies to small businesses.

Typically what these clients are looking for can be for various reasons. Clients may want to know how their site measures up to their competitors, they may want to know about the general user experience (which is sometimes known as UX) of their customers.

Okay, Can You Tell me More?

Sure, WhatUsersDo is a user-testing service that was setup in 2008 and have an office registered in the UK and the site states that they have clients from leading organisations such as Currys, Bt, NPower, Dixons, Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, B&Q, and lots of others.

The site allows users to apply as panel testers from around the globe. The countries listed are the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden (It’s mentioned on the site that there are other countries other the ones I’ve mentioned that are eligible for potential testers).

It doesn’t hurt to apply and see if you can be a tester. If you’re not from the above-listed countries, you can try and see if you are accepted, you never know they may already accept applicants from where ever you maybe.

When applying to be a tester, you should see a tab listed as ‘another country’. When clicking that a form should show up for participants fill in and says ‘when we start testing in your country we will notify you’. As long as you speak good English and are good at speaking your thoughts you are good to go.

What do I Need to do to Begin?

Just make sure you have access to the internet with a Mac or Windows computer/laptop. The browsers most suitable are Firefox or Chrome.

As far as I’m aware the site also allows tests on mobile and tablets.

To start testing at WhatUsersDo, you will need to download a screen recorder.

To make sure you are the right fit you must take an audition test that you have to pass. You will be notified if you have passed and then you can begin taking tests.

A typical test will show up details for the type of test, for example, desktop/laptop, task instructions, and reward (payout) details.


Although there is not a limit on the number of tests you can take, please note tests can be taken up quickly. Some tests require you to meet certain criteria.Tests get taken up quickly but I have found if you spend a lot of time on the web anyway then I have the

As I mentioned before tests get taken up rather quick but I have found if you spend a lot of time on the web anyway then I usually have the WhatUsersDo site left open and just surf the web with another tab opened. This way if a new test appears you can go back take any available teats as quick as possible.

Depending on the region where you are from, the payment is 8 dollar/pound sterling/euros per test. The tests can vary anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes.

WhatUsersdo has stated that the completed test payout as of 1/Dec/16 is now 5 £/$/€.
However, the good news is that there are now more desktop and mobile opportunities available.

And so moving to the conclusion of the Whatusersdo review,

It is legitimate ✅ You can apply here

If you know any languages other than English, then this could further increase your chances to take on tests as I have seen tests submitted by companies in foreign (usually European) languages.

To be eligible for the mobile/tablet tests you will be asked to download a software called mobizen. What this software does is ‘mirror’ your device from your tablet device to your pc or mac.

So that is it for now.

 So What did you Think of the Whatusersdo Review?

Have you used Whatusersdo before? Perhaps you reside outside from the said countries listed on the site and tried to apply. If so, did you get accepted? Please leave me your feedback.

14 Responses to “Whatusersdo Review

  • That’s a good review of whatusersdo. I like the idea of testing out websites for different purposes using different platforms if possible. The fact that you can make some money from doing that just makes it that much better. I think this is something I might give a try especially since I’m looking for extra income. Thanks for posting this article.

    • Yes they are what I call ‘a side income little earners’. The fact you are not tied down to anything but you can just take a test when you want and earn some income is good.

  • Marley Dawkins
    5 years ago

    Thanks Amar, great review, personally i don’t care if something pays low, if its a legitimate way for people to make some extra cheddar from the comfort of their home then its worth peoples time flat out.

    And simply put this whatusersdo system seems pretty solid, there’s no question that many people could make a part-time income if they worked hard enough based on 8 £$ per test. Not sure if im going to use it as the returns are a little on the low side for me personally, but thanks for informing me about it, i will keep my eye on that industry, its an interesting concept getting paid to be a tester.

    • Thanks Marley

      I do like your thoughts on this. If there are people who are flexible with their daily routines, for e.g they could be a student, or part timer, perhaps even struggling with job opportunities, then sites like this could help them earn a little. Granted they are not going to get you a passive income, but you take them as they are, knowing you are not tied down to them.

  • Hi Amar,
    thanks for a great review of Whatusersdo! This is really cool and I will apply to try it out. I live in the U.S. but I’m originally from Sweden, so maybe that will increase my testing chances like you mentioned.

    Thanks so much for helping me and other people get a side “hustle” or an extra income. It’s needed those days when everything keeps getting more expensive, but the paychecks stay pretty much the same lol.

    All the best to you!

    • Thank you Stina,

      I just want to let people know that there are such opportunities should they need a little extra income from time to time. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  • Simon Crowe in Asia
    4 years ago

    Hi, I’m currently looking for ways to earn real money online from home and I definitely don’t want to waste my time taking silly surveys for coupons… so I stumbled across WhatUsersDo and it really fits in with what I’m looking for.

    Do you know realistically how much you could per day or per month doing this?

    Are there people out there doing this full-time? I’m willing to put in the hours and the work if I know it’ll pay off, but I’m looking for a full-time income so I don’t have to take the daily commute to an office somewhere.

    Thanks for this great review of WhatUsersDo and I appreciate the help.

    All the best,


    • Thanks for the comments Simon.
      Firstly, I have to be sincere and let you know that DollarsfromtheWeb is aimed at looking things you can do online for free. Now think of this as ‘beer/pizza money, or extra cash on the side.

      In due time, I could venture out and explore more opportunities for Work at home (WAH) jobs for the readership. However, most of these opportunities are based in the United States, and as I reside in the United Kingdom, it is not possible to try all of them. 

      That’s not to say you will not make really good income doing surveys and website testing etc, if you are a good influencer’ and have a good following on social media you can make some good passive income off of the referrals on the sites mentioned here at DollarsfromtheWeb.

      You can also sign upto https://www.usertesting.com, I will be doing a review on this one in the near future. I get emails form them all the time, and you get more tests than WhatUsersDo. There is also tests for mobile/smartphones so install the apps for more chances to take tests.

      As for home jobs, you may want to take a look at Appen, Lionsbridge, Arise. Just look them up on google.

      Hope that that helps!

  • This was a good review. Personally I think you could use it on the side to make some extra money and would be good for either students or someone that can fit it in when time allows. Or you could go balls out and probably make some decent money. Either way it would be worth checking out.

    • Thanks for your comments Jeremy.

      This site was made with students in mind. You could make decent money, if you tried most of the make money free programs and sites. There are other avenues such as surveys and apps etc. 

      If you have a good following on social media, then you could also also ‘refer’ others on most of these programs, it is possible to make decent money, but do not think of this as a business, rather as side money.

  • JackieRR
    4 years ago

    Hi Amar,
    Thanks for all of the details on Whatusersdo. A lot of these sites seem to be very competitive making it hard to get first crack at taking the survey. I like the idea of keeping the window open while you do other things so if something new pops up, you are near the front of the line to grab it. Can you tell me what a screen recorder is? And where do I download it from? Thanks much.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this Jackie.

      You hit the nail on the head there, I leave a window tab open, and so if a test comes up, (there may be a tone or sound, similar to when one gets an sms or text message on their phones.

      A screen recorder is exactly that, it records your screen. When you go to user-testing sites such as WhatUsersDo, they will most certainly have a download option for you to install.

      This is completely safe, and does not invade your privacy at all, and only turns on when you take tests. It records only your screen, although having said that, there may be specific tests for webcam purposes.

  • Thanks for all the details you shared about WhatUsersDo, I am from India and and iam a avid web surfer.I want to make extra money online in a legit way.Please suggest.Thanks

    • Thank you for your thoughts Abhay. Did WhatusersDo work for you?
      Considering you’re asking suggestions on how to make legitimate money on the webz, this is indeed a tricky one for you.
      As DollarsfromtheWeb promotes survey panels and GPT (and also cashback/rewards) sites, it has to be said that India, and rather more specifically, Asian countries do not have that typical ‘high street’ structure in place where there are big brand names for shopping etc.

      India might be growing rapidly, when it comes to exponential growth in finance and technology, and there are more users in India then ever before who like to shop online. But currently speaking as the structure (of popular western retailers and brand names) is not in place, the survey panels and companies want opinions from westernised countries.

      However you can give these a try;
      The Panel Station
      AIP Online Surveys
      Ipsos I-Say

      It doesn’t hurt if you can try to sign up and if you are accepted by some panels then great!

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