Ways To Make Money Online For Free

Ways to Make Money Online for Free

Hopefully you have read the ‘Getting Started’ page

So then you should have a fair idea on the kinds of things to expect from this site.
This page will go into a little more detail about the many and various ways to make money online for free.

So if I do talk about money making ideas such as doing surveys or testing products, just know you won’t be asked to pay or buy anything.

Nothing. Nada.

So let’s break it down and go into detail the kinds of things you can expect.


Do you like writing? And no, it doesn’t mean that you are required to have a good knowledge of the ‘Shakespearean’ language, as I have seen first-hand that writing for some sites requires little to no experience.

There are sites that want writers for all kinds of different stuff. Leaving comments or feedback on forums or blogs, writing up essays, or writing article blog posts are some of the things that can be done in return for payment.


There are many services that offer surveys in return for money. The e-commerce business, developers, product creators are only just a few that want an opinion on their products and services, and so it’s only natural that companies pay the customer for their contribution.

Some services require you to pay for doing surveys. Beware of such sites offering this as we will be looking at doing free surveys that pay.

Typical example: Paidviewpoint


Chances are that you have probably come across a few of these sites. But for those that don’t know, PTC stands for ‘paid-to-click‘.

Just so you know, sites like these can be also be known can as GPT which stands for ‘get-paid-to‘.
They can essentially mean one and the same thing. It all depends on what site it is.

This business model has people like you clicking ads. And that’s basically it.

As the PTC sites evolved they had started to incorporate a whole bunch of other stuff to do for the visitor to keep things a bit varied. Hence the name GPT.

So now this could mean anything from surveys, taking up offers, clicking ads, watching videos, reading emails, playing games or taking up paid/trial offers.

GPT sites can operate as a cashback or rewards site, so expect plenty of the above mentioned.

Given the simplicity of this is why the payouts can be a tad bit on the small side, and so they are not everyone’s cup of tea, although it has to be said that some PTC sites generally have a good following worldwide.

Typical examples: Swagbucks

Testing Websites:

This one is becoming more popular and it seems to be growing. Simply because there are now more websites on the internet than ever before.

Sometimes referred to as User-testing, companies want to know what makes their website good (or bad).
So to find how out these big ‘fortune 500’, (and even the small individual companies for that matter) submit their site to such User-testing services, where visitors can leave their feedback in return for payment.

Typical tests usually begin by the tester opening a website link with a set of instructions. They are required to speak their thoughts on the overall user experience (UX).

For example, you may be asked questions such as, how does the website look? Is it easy to navigate? Or, what is the first thing you notice on the website?

Typical example: Whatuserdo

*Please Note: User-testing sites would require you to install a screen recorder to test websites.


With the ever evolving web, there are countless new websites being made all the time. And with that, comes new ideas and new systems. So it can be a little complicated to put some money making sites into any such category.

So it can be a little complicated to put some money making sites into any such category.

With technology getting better all the time and more people using their phones, I have seen opportunities to make money with mobile apps for instance-  this avenue has a good potential, so keep an eye out for this.

Another way is freelancing. There are companies that use the crowdsourcing business model. They typically have a huge database of people who get paid in return for completing certain tasks or projects. Sometimes this type of work can be known as doing ‘micro-tasks’ or ‘micro-jobs’.

Do You Know Ways To Make Money Online For Free?

Then please do give me a shout.

Or perhaps you have already tried some of these. Please let us know what you think, give us your feedback and leave your comments!


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