Text Broker review: Does this writing service work?

If you ever thought that you can write to earn money then there are dozens of websites on the internet offering the chance for to you to do so. One of them is called Text Broker. But do these services work? Is this legit? Find out in my review.

Text Broker review

This has been a nice little earner for me in the past, and is good for any one looking into making by writing. You can choose different topics and articles and it should be easy for you to get registered.

Now I’m gonna tell you more about what I think to this site, and for the purposes of this site, I’m gonna be talking about the ‘writing content’ element on Text Broker.

Tell me more about Text Broker

This site is very much a middleman in terms of business, and is nothing new as there now lots of get paid-to-write services on the internet. What happens is that clients come to sites like Text Broker and hire writers for content. In turn writers can register and take up some writing jobs.

Text Broker was created in 2005 by the aptly named Jan Becker-Fochler, (I had to check his name twice) who seems to be located in the United States, although the website doesn’t clearly state the country origins. What is clear though, is that the platform took off and expanded in the US around 2007/08.

As the platform has grown rapidly, Text Broker now has expanded it markets to western Europe with countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Poland as well as most of the Scandinavian coutries.

So the content is just in the English written langauge as the above named countries can have content in their native language.

Write some SEO content for me please

Are you thinking what is SEO?

Please don’t be put off by this title.

SEO basically stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. Most bloggers, webmasters (or anyone with a website basically) that needs written content has to process SEO practices as this gives their sites a ranking in the search engines.

All a writer really has to do is write naturally and include some instructions or criteria that is asked for by the client. For example, a client wants a 700 word article on ‘weight loss for over 40s’. He or she may want those words or sentences (known as keywords in internet search engine terms) atleast twice and perhaps placed strategically in the article.

There isn’t more to it than that. Usually the client will edit or touch this up, as they will have to go through other steps before publishing their blog post.

Some sites do require the writers to be really experienced and also have great knowledge of SEO.

But to my experience, Text Broker doesn’t require this. All writing levels are eligible so if you are not exactly a professional copywriter it doesn’t matter one bit.

Writers at all levels, sounds great!

So you are thinking of how to apply.

Then you will have to submit a short sample post around the 200-300 word mark for the Text Broker team to read. As with all paid to write services, your sample work will be proof read, so make sure you have also done the same.

Text Broker has a star rating system to denote writers level quality. This affects the pay per word. For instance, a 2 star rating would pay 0.7 cents per word, while a 5 star rating is worth 5.0 cents per word.

The image below shows the earnings per word, but take advice about the 5 star rating. You are never gonna get it. After much research and talking with people, the 5 star rating is very much difficult to get.

Text Broker pays weekly to your Paypal account so long as you have reached the threshold of $10.

People have got paid by this site, so in my Text Broker review all I can say is that it does work, and is 100% percent legit.

The site has featured in the jobsite indeed.com, and it has some positive reviews so if you are a freelancer (or even a complete newbie) looking to earn money via writing then Text Broker could be the perfect fit for you.

For the newbie writers out there, you need the willpower to stick to writing for hours and days and also finding the time to write about the topic.

Seasoned veterans may have the knack of this and as I said before if you are a moderately experienced writer than this is the perfect thing to get your feet wet.

Please also note that on DollarsFromTheWeb, we find opportunites that can help with side or beer money, so do your due diligence and never think of this a job replacing income.

It is possible to get some good income off this, but this is coming from writers with a little more experience.

If you would like to start writing for Text Broker then you can apply here.

What do you guys think about Text Broker, is it something you would like to try, or perhaps you already done some jobs for clients on this site? Please leave your thoughts.

Text Broker review
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Text Broker is a legit writing service. You write content for clients needs and get paid for it. Depending on the experience of the writer, this can be scalable, but writing does take up time and effort.

4 Responses to “Text Broker review: Does this writing service work?

  • Reyhana
    3 years ago

    Textbroker is definitely one of the better websites on the internet that really pays you. I can vouch that this is not a scam as I have also made money with it in the past. Over time, I just decided to have my own website and write my own articles. And you’re right when you say that it is very difficult to get to 5 stars. I have only heard of a few exceptional writers who have made it there but they have been writing for years and years and years!

    • I’m glad that you appreciated that article as as you say you’ve have made money from TextBroker yourself. If you like to write and get paid for doing so then this site is good for those people.

      I sometimes have comments from so called internet marketers who complain about such sites, but they have made diddly squat from their online ventures wasting time and money.

      I used Text Broker when working away on my own digital business, and sites likes TextBroker and similar helped me

  • Hallo there Amar,

    I have been working on Iwriter, a similar content writing website and things have been going pretty well. However, I don’t want to keep all my eggs in one basket, that is why I have been researching other great content sites.

    Although textborker seems a bit limited to me, I think it is worth the shot. I will use it for a few weeks and I will decide if it will make my substitute. Thanks for the information.

    • Nice to see you are doing well with iWriter.

      I had done a review on this before and it stands up well, although I had thought it would become saturated as there are already established writers for it.

      Anyhow iwriter is similar to textbroker in that you can be a beginner and start at the basic levels as both sites have a ratings system for writers.

      Again nice to see are doing good with Iwriter. 

      Textbroker is just another option and you are not tied in with a contract of sorts on the stuff I write about on this site.

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