Product Report Card Review: Is this Surveys Site Legit?

Do you like paid surveys? And do you want to know if they are legit or a  scam. I came across a panel called Product Report Card, and here I will give you my review.

Firstly, Product Report Card is a market research company that seemed to have a decent and credible reputation. It is foremost a typical surveys site, but there is the chance to also to upload photos of products and review them.

Product Report Card Review

Okay then, what more can you tell me?

Actually, it was hard to trying to work out much information at all from the site. The only thing I can assume is that the company is based in the United States. There wasn’t much info regarding the company, how long they have been running for, and if there are any parent companies etc.

The company says as a panelist, they will allow you to partake in research projects, which include short surveys, products test, bulletin boards, clinical trials, and also phone consultations.

Phone consultations? I’m not too sure about that, but we shall see.


The above image shows the many profiles you many profiles for you to complete. This is the ‘home page’ when you log in. It will the many survey profiles as thumbnails.

The signing up process

The sign up process, although a little simple took a good while to reach my email. The site said you should get a response within five minutes. It took quite a bit more time than that, as I was wondering if I would receive a confirmation email from them at all.

I decided to check the junk mail folder, and no luck. Finally it did arrive in my main folder and I clicked on the verification link to join.

As I succesfully registered, a pop-up box appeared, as the site was immediately asking for a ‘phone verification’. I thought I had verified by clicking the verification link form my email, so why would they need my phone number for? Is it for extra security purposes?

I decided to read in detail what the purposes were for. As it turns out, the company needs it so the ProductReportCard team can call or text you regarding online bulletin boards, phone interviews, or product reviews.

Make of that what you will, but I decided to try and enter in my phone details anyway.

However, I tried this, and failed.

I put many different combinations of my phone number in including with, and without the international call code, with spaces and without, but it just wasn’t registering, so I couldn’t verify as the above image shows.

So, I just gave up doing this.

As this site is US based and I reside in the UK, I thought maybe this has something to do with this. But I thought this site would have been elligible to people in the United Kingdom, I don’t know.

My guess is that they could trying to minimise trying to create multiple accounts, but hey it’s just a guess on my part.

*If you know the answer, then you could help us by letting us know.

The PRC team have left their support email should you want to contact them for help.

Once I got that out of the way, I went ahead navigated throughout the site.

It is quite easy on the eye, with completely no ads or nonsense offers that you forever see on GPT sites.

There are tabs on the top right-hand side which are Profiles, Studies, Product Registrations, Product Reviews, and a logo image that is basically your account information.

The profiles tab is literally what you will see when you log in to the site. As explained earlier, this will have thumbnails of profiles for you to complete.

I clicked on Studies, and this was empty. It said there are no studies, check back soon.

The really interesting part of PRC, as the name of the company denotes, product reviews.

The concept looks great in hindsight, but executed rather poorly.

When you go the Product Reviews tab, and also Product Registrations, you are kind of dumbstruck as to what you have to do.

In Product registrations you basically need to register from a pre-select group of products ranging from home appliances, baby and kids wear, mobile phones, and electronis etc. You will have to fill out manufacturer details and a whole bunch of other information.

In product reviews this is already done for you. You look at the photos, description, pricing, company etc. And still you are left wondering what you have to do here.

Instead, after scrolling all the way down and reading all that information there is a review section for you to fill in located at the bottom. Bearing in mind, there is previous reviews left on the prodcut page.

You would think that PRC have left maybe a little tutorial video for you to see what this is about, or receive an email on it.

In the end, you realise its not needed. Simply you are armed with all the knowledge, info and description, and users own reviews on the product – so you can bascially write your own, on a product you don’t have ir never owned.

This concept seems okay but you realise its a pointless part as you could easily be writing a lot of filler and fluff for a product you don’t have.

The good and the bad, or shall I say the bad and the bad?

Product Report Card was, in my research a good reputable company. The payouts are okay. When you compare the standards of paid survey panels, they are not the best but they certainly were not the worst either.

The current threshold by the way is $25, and with a lack of surveys this could take a bit of time to reach.

However, as time goes on, and I have a more thorough look into PRC, I find that PRC isn’t that favourable anymore.

So read on to find out what I mean.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that they wasn’t one of the worst survey sites? Well, they are now certainly becomming the worst survey sites.

There have been many complaints against PRC. One of the main issues seems to be revolved around not being paid for the surveys. It is a 50-50 split with one party saying they receive payments, and the other half of people sayign they don’t get their payments.

Their rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has gone down too. Previously, the ratings for PRC were positive.

Personally I don’t rely much on the BBB myself, the reason being is that some of their ratings people have found to be biased in favour of such business entity of one has a membership with them.
You can see what the BBB are about in more detail here.

Regardless of the ratings PRC are now given, this doesn’t take away the fact that people are not being paid by them. And so one has to lose credibility.

Has a new business owner took over the company, and changed the rules?

Maybe the company decided not to reward their audience and keep all the money for themselves?

Product Report Card Review: my conclusion

So is PRC a legit surveys site?

While they were reputable company some what, because of the fact that people are not being paid they lose a bit of their reputation.

I’m not going to be calling them a scam just yet, as they were legit surveys site once upon a time. Instead, I will be giving them a really low rating.

The Product review concept on products is simply a pointless feature as they already have enough info on it, anyone can just copy and paste the info for their own review.

That’s my review on Product Report Card, and while it was a legit surveys site, it is not now.
What do you guys think, please leave me your comments?

Product Report Card Review
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PRC is now bordering on scam as they haven’t paid their users.
There has been a lot of complaints.

The Product Review concept seems okay, until you realise you can get all the info right there, with description plus other reviews from other users, and just fill out your own review for products you don’t have.

12 Responses to “Product Report Card Review: Is this Surveys Site Legit?

  • Michael
    4 years ago

    Thanks for your honest review about PRC. After reading your review I don’t think I’ll be signing up to them anytime soon.

    For one paid survey sites pay so little to begin with, then you add on top of that not getting paid at all for some of the jobs you do makes it seem very undesirable.

    I would rather get a part time job then do this site.

    Thanks for review again.

    • PRC will undoubtedly lose its fellow audience, although I have to disagree with you a little on survey sites. These do add up to some good income overtime, and you have to think if the pay is more than everyone would sit down and just do surveys.

      They are never meant as a means of replacing a job at all.

      Also, most people can’t get a job nowadays, let alone a part-time one. Think of these sites as getting a little money now and again.

  • Karen Noone
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the review. I think I will just give up on survey sites completely. I haven’t found a decent one yet and I definitely will not be trying Product Review Card Out.
    I have joined several in the past and they have all been a waste of time.
    I also don’t like the idea of them having my phone number.
    Out of interest is there a survey site out there you do recommend?

    • Thank you for your thoughts on PRC. 

      What you see is what you get with surveys. They can get you some extra money on the side but are never meant to be job replacing income otherwise everybody will be doing them. 

      The payments do add up overtime and some surveys have decent referral payouts.

      Some survey sites I recommend are BrandedSurveys, Qmee (can leave this running on your browser extension), and SwagBucks has a good following too.

  • Well, I am glad that you actually took the time to write about this. I too went through the entire process of signing up.It was actually very complicated and made me want to quit before I even started. However, I decided to go through with it. I even filled out a survey only to find what…? Nothing. It was long, a total waist of time and ended up with nothing at the end. Did I do it wrong? I don’t know but I do know that I will not try it again.

    • Thanks your comment.

      Yes, PRC has had its day. Do not bother with this one if you like doing surveys.

  • I have had no problem with PRC. I have cashed out three times in the past four months, and I have declined several times to participate in $100+ surveys (because I don’t like discussion participation style surveys).

    I was also sent a 1 lb can of coffee to review after using a couple of weeks.

    I like that PRC does not bombard you with emails, or forwards you to other survey sites. Most surveys take less than 10 minutes. Some surveys are a pain, but the survey was designed by someone else and PRC is just hosting the survey.

    I do not understand the problems others have had. I find PRC to be a legitimate and trustworthy organization.

    You will not get rich, but I am averaging about $25 per month. PRC is one of the few survey sites I have been pleased towork with.

    • I’m glad you are one of the few who are not experiencing problems. However, over the long term, members will leave if there is a majority that do not get what they earned.
      These sites are not the regular 9-5 type income, and are only really a side hustle, or perfect for parents at home. And if PRC does not pay up to their members, then the site will get bad rep.

  • Roberta
    3 years ago

    I’ve been with Product Report Card for over a year and the first time I requested a payout, I got it (about $45) in the form of a Visa gift card. Most recently I requested a payout of about $25 and they are giving me the run around…saying they are having problems with Paypal and their vendor. This was about 2 months ago and they claim to still be having issues with their vendor and paypal. They insist I take a paper check. I dont’t feel comfortable with that. I don’t qualify for most of the survey and just get ten cents for attempting. The thing I do like about them is they do send plenty of surveys and sometimes the survey are invitations to join a community where you can earn gift cards and such. I have joined about 7 communities as a result and 4 of them pay monthly and 2 paid quite well for a survey community….. So for me Product Report Card is now only good for invitations to join better paying communities.

    • Thank you very much for letting us know.
      There are lots of sites similar to PRC, but if they start to withhold members earnings that they own, they will lose credibility.

  • Hi: Sorry I do not have a picture, I may break something at your end if I did. I thank you for your review about PRC, as it came timely for me. I signed up yesterday and had an email survey offer today. When I clicked on the survey, I got a page warning me not to go to this site, the material within was very dangerous. I have gotten notices before but this one was really strong. I immediately went to the site for a review, and really got one. This site was actually recommended with others that have turned out so well. Should I contact the agency that recommended them to me? Thanks again.

    • Lol!
      Surely your picture can’t be that malicious that it will break something at my end?

      Nevermind, PRC is one of those. You kinda sit on the fence with, and dig around to research more and look at other people’s take on it.
      I can’t even remember if I’m getting follow up emails from them.

      I would say, if you’re unsure about something then leave it and move onto something else.

      Which agency recommended them to you?

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