PopulusLive – Is this a Legit Surveys site?

If you are from the UK then perhaps you may have heard of PopulusLive. But you may also been wondering, is this a legit surveys site? I will go through the sign up myself and tell you all about it in this review.

On this site it is my job to see which survey sites and any other sites such as PTC, cashback or rewards sites are indeed legit or a complete scam.

PopulusLive - Is this a Legit Surveys site?

Read on to find out and see what I found.

Firstly we will see what the background is on PopulusLive.

What can you tell me about this surveys site

It is run by a company known as Populus based in the United Kindgdom, with the headquarters in London. It is a market research and opinion based company. Although it has been noted that Populus have slowly been growing on the global scale, their suveys site PopulusLive is strictly UK residents only.

They have been going since 2010, and the site describes itself as a community of sorts where they will ask for your opinions on political matters.

Not to put you off, the site also that the regular surveys you would expect from such research and marketing panels as PopulusLive are partnered with the so called ‘high street’ online companies and brands.

The signing up process may seem straight forward to some, while others may notice that the fill up form asks for your address.

Most specifically you see that there is the postcode section. If take a look at the image below, you will see a ‘Lookup’ tab that brings up the complete address, for example, the door numbers.

The reason for this is that when you cash out your earnings is that PopulusLive do not have a PayPal or other payment processor. Therfore the earnings you receive is by a cheque through to your address.

Sounds good so far what more can you tell me?

Once the sign up is done you will get email invitations to surveys with information like how long the surveys will take and the amount of earnings you can make. The site says the the earnings amount to around £1 for every 5 mins.

The threshold to cash out is set at £50 which is quite a bit to earn, and this will take some time to reach no doubt. 1 point equals 1 point

The site seems user friendly and over done with ads or tasks etc. You have the regular screening and security settings (for a surveys site) in place, that is, to make sure a real human is filling out the questionnaires and some bot.

Also some survey panels may compensate a little extra points as for example, you don’t fit the demogpraphics when you fill out the pre-qualify questions.

For PopulusLive they will have you entered for a monthly £250 prize draw.

While I haven’t found any complaints yet (about not being payed) PopulusLive is indeed a legit surveys site.

Just don’t expect to cash out quick, it will take about 3-4 months to reach the first payout.

You can join here PopulusLive.

That’s my take on PopulusLive. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment.

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Its a UK only surveys panel. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but there are plenty that are worldwide.
It is a legit survyes site but reaching the 50 pounds threshold will take some time, although you do get emails to take plentiful surveys.
There isn’t a referral system here, these add up as bonus payments and help to earnings quicker.

6 Responses to “PopulusLive – Is this a Legit Surveys site?

  • Hi. Do you know of anyone that has made enough money from surveys to actually withdraw it? I have tried to make money out of surveys, time and time again, I have never been able to reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is kind of off putting really.

    I guess, for some people, as they might not have any intention of making a living online and only want to do it out of enjoyment.


    • Thanks for the opinion.

      Here at DollarsfromtheWeb we have dedicated time to find legitimate resources to make side money, or beer moeny if you will. 

      Not everybody is looking to start a business and neither do they the time and/or money to do so.

      Everybody would be doing surveys if it was bucket loads of money, but dream on if you think is going to happen.

      BrandedSurveys is one of the best on surveys, I have cashed out to my Paypal account many times.

  • Good thing you said not to put you off. Having your say about political issues is not something I can joke with. Talking about making money is quite okay but with a lot of patience . I think I will need to see more review of cash out before it could be approved by me. In between, great article, not all about the money. Thanks

    • Not too sure what you mean entirely, but yes PopulusLive is a LEGIT surveys site. It can take quite a while to reach the threshold, but there are people who have received thier cheque upon doing so.

  • Hey great review about PopulusLive. I have heard many such survey sites from which we can make money. Even I have tried this in Global Test Market. But I have not achieved anything. From my experience, I can say that it is not so wise to use survey sites for earning online money as it is time consuming. Instead of that we should concentrate on some other aspects like affiliate marketing.
    Anyway, thanks for your review. Hope some other great reviews from you in the future also.

    • I disagree with you. You take surveys for what they are. If you think they are get rich quick then everybody will be doing them. Surveys are proving popular, and although marketing firms and survey panels vary, some can pay out quickly so you don’t worry about tending them all the time. In particular PopulisLive it takes time to reach the threshold because it is set too high but if you are savvy enough you can do surveys from the more popular panels.

      As for affiliate marketing – do you think everyone has both the time and money to do this? The obvious answer is no. Also not everybody wants to do affiliate marketing. Would you go fishing if it wasn’t your hobby? And affiliate marketing is also time consuming, are you really successful at it?

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