Pick My Postcode Review. Is This Free Online Lottery Even Legit?

Did you know you could try your luck with a free online lottery? But is this even legit? Well that’s what I’m going to tell you in the Pick My Postcode review.

Pick My Postcode Review

Pick My Postcode is a UK residents only lottery, that is completely free to join. When it comes to this lottery, the clue is in the name as random postcodes are drawn instead of the usual numbers you see from the regular lottos.

This site is nothing new, as the concept started way back in 2011, by London based Chris Holborn.

The site steadily grew, and is still growing as a matter of fact as the website is quite popular.

So why not take a punt?

Sure, why not?….But what if this lottery could still be a fake or downright scam right!??

First off, as I mentioned earlier, it is 100% free to enter.

Secondly, I had also wrote a review post on this free lottery site before.

Pick My Postcode previously went by the name Free Postcode Lottery UK.

So it is a scam then or what?

No, not really.

The name change came about when the site came across some legal issues regarding copyright and branding.

You see, in my previous review I wrote about the Free Postcode Lottery being similar in name to People’s Postcode lottery.

This company runs not just in UK (and is more well known as is it is regularly seen on national TV) but also has European counterparts.

So quite naturally, confusion arose and Chris was challenged to change the name. Chris was very forthcoming, and mentioned it to fellow participants weeks in advance.

The site has an active community of members, as you can see by the sites Facebook comments feed. They were even encouraged to choose a new name before it was decided as is now.

Visually there’s not much difference as Pick My Postcode has largely stuck to the same structure and format as before, with possibly a few little tweaks to the site here and there.

The only noticeable difference is the domain name complete with new logo.

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Pick my postcode has a total of eight lotto draws in total, and all draws run daily, yes that includes the weekends too!

  • You have the Main draw which is at Mid daily
  • The Survey draw which is also Mid day
  • Then there’s the Stackpot draw which runs at 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Bonus draws are also Mid day
  • Video draw which is also Mid day
  • And a Mini draw which runs at 6 p.m. until Midnight
  • Whilst £5 Flash draws appear randomly throughout the site

There is also a My bonus feature which is not a draw as such, but should you win any amount from any of the lottery draws, then this my bonus earnings will get added to your overall lottery winnings.

As shown in the image below, each time you visit Pick My Postcode and view the draws, 1p gets added each time. So for example, you have viewed the main draw and video draw for today then that’s 2 pence added to your my bonus earnings. If you haven’t clicked on the Survey draw or Stackpot draws  to view the potential winner, then you will get no amount added whatsoever.

There is also the possibility to add to the My bonus by taking up offers or adding referrals, otherwise known as inviting friends, family or even your neighbours.

Just how much could I possibly win?

The Main draw earnings could net you possibly £500!

It is always set to this amount until there is a rollover. And until somebody has won and claimed, theoretically speaking there is no limit to the amount one could win.

If you are reside within the UK, then it doesn’t hurt to try.

How this works is basically if your postcode comes up on the main draw then you are a winner!

If there is more than one participant for the same winning postcode then the jackpot is split. But bearing in mind this would only be split if the winners came forward to make a claim.

So in a nutshell, let’s say there are two participants for a winning post code and only one makes a claim, then the claimant would keep the whole jackpot while the person who didn’t make a claim misses out completely.

If there are no people that make a claim then there is a rollover.

The Main draw and Survey draw are the only two draws that roll over.

Pick My Postcode has partnered with various third parties so you will see various offers throughout the site.

So how does this work even work by offering people free lottery. I’m sure there might be something to this?

For those of you who still may be thinking that there’s a catch, I will tell you now that there isn’t one.

Like I said before it is completely free and all it requires is for you to sign up and check the site daily to see if you have won.

So perhaps you are thinking, how are they able to do this?

Pick My Postcode has a sustainable model, it has various third party offers and adverts displayed over the site.

So when people sign up to these offers, click on the adverts, or even just browse the site Pick My Postcode is earning money. So this site basically, is ad funded.

As you can see people like doing the lottery especially if it is free so the site has lots of people visiting and therefore Chris the site owner is able to offer participants the many free lottery draws.

*For such people being wary of lots of spam mail, the solution is easy and that is just simply get another spare email address.

With my findings, people do win and they have got paid so this site is very much legit.

The highest amount somebody won and got paid was around £2,000!

Now imagine waking up one day to check the site to see you have won!

You can join here!

A PayPal account is needed to withdraw the prize money, click here to get a Paypal account.

So that concludes the Pick My Postcode review, I can confirm this site is very much legit. What do you guys think to this site? Leave me your comments.

Pick My Postcode review
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This is a great free online lottery for UK residents.

Take it as you a regular lottery, the chances to win are basically slim.

But imagine if you checked the site one day and won £500+!

I’d say yes to that!

6 Responses to “Pick My Postcode Review. Is This Free Online Lottery Even Legit?

  • Karen Noone
    3 years ago

    I had never heard of this site but I have now joined. I discover that I am the 6th person to register with my postcode.

    It makes sense that they had to change their name, the people’s postcode lottery is so well advertised.

    It is obviously more popular than I would have thought.
    Thank you for alerting me to its existence.

    Here’s hoping for a win!

    • Hey, if you win you know where I am right? ?

      Despite the name change Pick My Postcode is very much the same free online lottery from before.

      It has a total of 7 draws per day is free so doesn’t hurt to register and see if you win.

      But take this as you would a regular offline lottery, as in the chances are slim.

      I just check the site every now and then.

  • I think I can invite my neighbors to this since I know that some of them might be interested in this. I think £500 is a quite good money however I see that you give 3 for fast. Why did it get a quite low rating? Does it have any other drawback or is it just the things which you mention?

    • I gave it a the ‘fast’ rating a 3 this is only to generalise it, being that you are not actively working for the earnings, for example doing a task in a gpt site, writing to get paid, or filling in a survey.

      You simply log on and check the site to see if you are a winner, and as mentioned on the site, take it as you would as a regular lottery, the probabilities are similar. 

      To clarify, how often have you won on lottery? So the fast rating is of really no significance, it should be N/A (not applicable) I will edit the rating if possible to make this change more understandable.

  • Reyhana
    3 years ago

    It’s great that we can enter for free. Lottery tickets are usually bought, so I can understand why some people would think that it isn’t legit. But I wonder, if it is free to enter, how do they make money? I always thought that those lottery places made money though the selling of tickets.

    • If you had read the whole then it clearly tells you that the site is ad funded. This way it can provide a free lottery, as there is a lot of people visiting the site.

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