Make Money With iWriter: Writing Articles For Cash

Make Money With IwriterSomebody asked me the other day if it was possible to make bank by writing. I said it was true, that you can earn money by writing articles. So on this post, I will be talking about how you can make money with iWriter.

Writing to get paid is becoming ever more popular on the interwebz. You can literally be writing anything from articles or blogging, writing for e-books or PDFs, doing essays, writing up a review, or leaving comments or posting on a forum.

But the big question you may be asking is…

Can you Really be Writing Articles for Cash?

The answer to that question is, a definite yes.

So let’s get into detail about I Writer. It is a ‘writing for content’ service. And it actually has 2 services that are available, where I will explain about them below.

One such service that it offers is that you can ‘Get Content’.
That is should you need any content for your website or blog you can request some quality articles written for it. Essentially this is a service for clients, who will buy articles or projects according to their criteria.

The second service is ‘Write Content’, and is simple to explain.
That is anybody can sign up, perhaps yourself, start writing and get paid for producing quality content.

Iwriter mentions that content can range not just for blogs and articles, but also eBooks, Amazon reviews, and even cover letters.

Because of the purpose of this site and the interests of making money online for free, it is the ‘write content’ service I will be talking about here.

Writing articles for cash

From the above image, you can see the tab at the top of the page which is the ‘write content’ service.

To get started, firstly you will need to sign up, you can sign up here!
The login page will also have the same tabs just like the image above, and it is the ‘write content’ tab that needs to be clicked on for you to be able to sign up.

Once you have done so, you can easily navigate the site as it is simple and easy to use. In fact, anytime you want to write an article and earn money, again you just click on the ‘write content’ tabs.

I’m Interested, But Not so Sure…

Fear not. You are not expected to have a great knowledge of the ‘Shakespearean language.

Iwriter has a steady learning curve. Everybody that signs up starts out at the basic level, which is known as the standard level. This is done automatically.

Certainly, writing is a skill set that can be improved over time and this will put you in good stead when it comes to any future writing endeavours.

As you build your way up, you are gradually moved up the rankings. The higher rankings are obtained if you keep writing high-quality articles and get high approval from the requesters.

From the standard level, are the premium, elite, and elite plus levels.

Of course, this means only one thing, the higher your level the more you get paid on writing articles. Do take into consideration that all clients/requesters will offer different earnings depending on that particular project or article.

On the above image, you can see that I have decided put 2 pictures together.

This is to show you that on each project there is a small + sign on the left-hand side. I will further explain this as we move on.

Firstly the upper part of the image shows the project details, the earnings per article or project, and the time to complete said article. Other information includes the date the article has been posted by the client, and also category type.

Now moving onto the bottom part of the image, once you click on the plus sign, it then turns into a minus sign.
The descriptive details of the project will extend to give a little more information. This denotes what keywords the requester has requested for their project, and also what the availability status is of the projects.

You should also see 2 buttons. The green button is for ‘write article‘. If you want to get started right away, then you will click on this button.

However, there is an orange button, which is for ‘special instructions‘. It is advisable to click on this button to view any specific criteria that the requester may want you to adhere to.
When you have clicked on this button, a box will appear with some instructions. From there you can view the instructions, or contact the requester should you have any queries.

How Much do Writers get Paid?

This all depends on different things. But firstly as a new registrant when starting out, admittedly the payout can be rather small.
Other factors include the word count, for example, a 1000 word count article would be higher earnings than an article of only a 150-word count. Also take into consideration different clients and the writer type level.

The articles can vary from as little as $1.50 and as high as $15+.

Okay, so now I will be moving onto the conclusion and give my verdict on this part.

If you are good at writing then this would be a good fit, as you can be making money writing articles. These are one of few sites that you can actually scale up as a business (if you’re good), unlike the majority of free money sites I mention here

So Yes, you can Make Money with iWriter

But do try to take this into consideration, that I writer has been around a while now, and there can be lots of competition for sites like these.

*Also remember to write and save your written article to a notepad or some similar text editor first, that way if you lose your work or something goes wrong the submission process, you still have your copy with you!

Are you a writer, or like writing? You can check this out here.

What do you think? Do you make money writing for I writer? Maybe you have trouble finding suitable projects or articles to work on or think there is too much competition on this site. Please comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Writing for cash is a good avenue but on IWriter the writers are already established and so it will be tough for any newbies to start

14 Responses to “Make Money With iWriter: Writing Articles For Cash

  • Vertical Veloxity
    5 years ago

    This is too cool! I just Favorited your site. I am going to try this. I love to write so why not get paid for it! As a person who does a lot of writing. I do it for my own website. But I also do a lot of commenting on websites across the web. That is very fun.
    But I never knew I could get paid doing it. I am going to try this. Thanks!

    • Yes writing is an avenue where you can earn money if you’re good at excel in writing, and even novices can try various services that are available today on the web, although there can be some tough competition for some sites.

  • Very informative article Amar. I like the idea of writing, even if I have dyslexia. Things can have benefits, as I am structured in how and what i write. At least in my head I am.
    Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    • Hello Francis, yes you can benefit by writing consistently. It helps if you are a regualar reader, so you can see the writing style of the author. You can see the content and words used, but it only helps if write or type on a consistent basis.

  • I’ve also just bookmarked this to come back to later, it’s ironic as the other day whilst plodding away faithfully, liking, commenting and sharing I was only thinking ‘jeez if I could just find something that would pay to do this, I’d be laughing’ as besides writing I love reading and joining in with discussions.

    I know my sister-in-law would also be interested in this so rock on you for sharing this!!!

    • Yes Jacqui!

      There are endless opportunities on the web. Joining and posting on forums is also another opportunity, although that’s a topic for another day so stay tuned!

  • Hi Amar, this is awesome, such great info and guidance, really is a good read for all budding writers and bloggers.

    I think it is one of the big hurdles many folks worry about, not being able to write enough quality content.

    Best wishes


    • Yes that’s right Neil. Trouble is most people don’t try, and if you never try you will never know. And if writing isn’t their thing you can always move onto something else.

  • Great info. So is there a big price difference in elite and elite plus levels? Or even content quality for that matter? How do you know which level to go with?

    • Hello Udoh,

      In answer to your question I have already explained it on the post, you start out in standard level. The payouts can be different for a good number of reasons. Firstly it all depends on the person requesting the articles, but mostly remember elite plus level is higher than than the elite level so more often than not, expect higher earnings.

  • I like your site because I love writing. I have been taking courses for freelance writing and blogging for the best part of a year. It`s a great way to earn money as long as you knew what to do. I would consider joining, just to make some money on the side.

    • Thanks for the input Dianne.

      Whether it’s iWriter or freelance writing, it s good to know that there are opportunities out there.

  • Nice thank you for sharing this site, this might be useful for me in the future If I need to do some extra money for an emergency I know I can write, thanks for the tip at the end it would be really depressing if your whole article got deleted because of internet issues.

    • Thanks for your thoughts.

      Writing for blog posts, articles, press releases and similar marketing is now a huge business. Its just looking for the  decent and legitimate sites or resources that provide this. Keep an eye out as I will be reviewing more sites to go to earn money writing.

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