Is Slice the Pie a Scam? What I Think to This

Is Slice the Pie A Scam?I happened to come across this at a time when I started to believe that making money online actually seemed impossible. I thought then, that this was just another long list of endless sites where I would just be wasting my time. All I was ever told was that when you go to the site you review some music/songs in return for payment. So is Slice the Pie a Scam?

So Here Are My Thoughts on What I Think to This

But steady on there, if you are wondering what the heck is slicethepie, then let me begin on this first.

Do you love music? Did you know that you could be earning money writing reviews for potentially up and coming artists before their work is released to the public?

Well, let’s get into the details on this.

Having checked the site, the company states that they were launched back in 2007. It was created as a fun and interactive reviews site, to establish up and coming, new artists that are trying to get some exposure and most importantly feedback from fans.

For some artists and musicians, this could be mean whether an artist makes it or breaks it in the music industry.

You have to realise that you will be reviewing music before it is released, so giving them your opinions on their work is of the utmost importance to them.

But what initially started out as a popular music reviews site, Slice the Pie then recently expanded to add other things to review, which includes but not limited to, fashion items, mobile phones accessories, amongst other things.

You will have to give written feedback, which is then forwarded to music artists, managers, fashion designers etc. This will help make decisions and adjustments to their work and products if necessary.

Okay, So How Can I Actually Earn Money?

First of all, make sure to sign up, (you can do so here) and you now will be able to review mobile phones, fashion items as opposed to just doing music reviews. The music reviews do make up the large bulk of reviews that are available and that is understandable considering that’s how Slice the Pie started as a music review site.

When done, you will be able to see some tabs right at the top, with the first one being ‘review’. See image above. Click the review button.

So now you got an option of 4 categories, which are as follows, music, mobile, fashion, and lucky dip.

The music is a collection of tunes, tracks, recordings, songs, and vocals from a wide range of genres you can think of. The mobiles section is there for you to review gadgets and tech like mobile accessories. (I had done a review on some smartphone headphones the last I was on it). The fashion category is for reviewing clothing and accessories. And finally, the lucky dip category is a mix of any of these products or items for you to review.

Slice the Pie com now has other categories besides music, such as mobile, fashion, and lucky dip for you to review.

Slice the Pie has a star rating system that allows you to improve. Just make sure to write your reviews in a constructive manner and that the words and sentences are clear and easy to understand. If you write stuff that is not easily readable then it is not going to sit well with the people that will read your reviews. Just so you know, writing bad reviews will not be good for your rating, and you will get less available opportunities.

On the other hand, the more you improve, not only will your earnings increase, but more reviews will be available to you. Some categories offer more earnings per review, but this also depends on the company or individual offering the earning incentive.

 Make sure you are writing reviews within the time limit given.

I will give you an example here, when you are reviewing music just hit the play button, and the music will start to play. It all of course depends on the genre of music you have chosen, a music track will start. You can then start typing away and you are given a time limit of about 90 seconds. All of the categories and products will require written words, and when done there is a rating system beneath, out of ten, for you to rate.

You will see your earnings at the top of the site, and each time a review is completed by you, the site will refresh and update the earnings in real time.

You can get anything from 0.5 dollars to 0.15 dollars for the reviews. Your star rating typically starts at nil but you get your first star after writing your first review. The star count goes as high as five, and obviously the higher your rating, the higher earnings you will get.

On the left-hand side, you can see a timer which runs for 90 seconds on this specific review.

The minimum payout is $10. Once you reach the threshold, you can withdraw the earnings to your Paypal account. Typically the payment is processed within 5 working days (considering you have reached the minimum payout) and so some people tell me that this is doable in a week.

To further increase your earnings, Slice the Pie have a refer a friend scheme (actually most sites nowadays have a ‘referral or invite friend’ code) that will give you bonus payments. These are simply commissions you get from other people or friends you have invited to Slice the Pie.

Just make sure they are actively using the sites and reviewing to be eligible for those extra earnings.

Sounds Good That You Can Make Money Writing Music Reviews

*Yes, but here is my warning and advice to you.

DO NOT try to cheat the system, for example writing reviews before the timer runs out. Or using any other unnecessary means, being that so you can gain an advantage and cheat the system. Just stick to the rules, write constructive reviews and you will be all good.

I have spoken to people who tell me that their account was flagged and eventually banned, and now they can never log back into their account. So play fair, you have been warned.

So now I will be moving onto my conclusion and giving my thoughts.

So is Slice the Pie a Scam?

No. Definitely not.

It is a fun site for you to earn money by writing music reviews, fashion, clothing, and homeware reviews. Just stick to the rules and you will be fine.

You can sign up here.

My tips would be for you to write in good well-written English that is understandable to read. Use terminology or power words to explain your sentence and words in the type categories. For example, use words like “the artist has powerful strong vocals” in the music category. Talk about the instruments. What do you like or not like, about the music or product you are reviewing.

And no, it does NOT mean you are writing a bad review if you disliked certain or all aspects of some music or product. Remember the artists/companies are looking for feedback. Just be honest, and write constructive sentences and paragraphs in your reviews.

So these were my thoughts on Slice the Pie. What do you guys think? 
Leave me your comments and feedback on this, it will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Slice the Pie Review

You are listening to songs, and then writing about them. Or, perhaps you could write about fashion, or furniture.

The process is easy, it isn’t too much technical.

However, writing a lot to reach the threshold (I reached it in a week – whereby you are eligible to cash out) can be quite a bit of chore, as you required to write quite a bit and can seem repetitive typing the same things over to describe some songs or fashion.

Please note, Slice the Pie had also deducted the pay per song since I used to test and review the site on a regular basis.

However, it does pay, and therefore legit. It is okay for students, but more better suited for teens, as you can be 13 years of age to join.

4 Responses to “Is Slice the Pie a Scam? What I Think to This

  • greg smyth
    5 years ago

    Hi Amar-V
    Slice the Pie is one of those legitimate websites. But as it does not pay much, I would rather do something else, as i am a busy person.
    I would rather write articles or posts for Fiverr or Upwork. But that’s me.
    For some people this website could be perfect.

    • I do agree with you Greg, but what you may be doing is a business investment, so quite rightly you should be looking at earnings that reflects that.

      But for other people, they may need some extra income and this opportunity is perhaps good and suitable for those that are teenagers, study or work part time.

  • Vertical Veloxity
    5 years ago

    This sounds very interesting. Whenever you can connect people with what they love or are interested in. Make us a judge and a help to a new and up and coming artist etc.

    We get value and we get paid for it. The value of helping someone get better and the income from doing so. I love the fact that by sharing this way of making income you make more money.
    Long term that means a lot. This is very interesting I will keep my mind open about it. Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes you are giving artists feedback, and it will help them make adjustments or improve next time around. The pay is not ‘get-rich-quick’ but Slice the Pie does have a refer a friend system, so you make some extra commissions from their reviews!

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