Is Rent A Friend A Scam? Here’s my Review

What if you told your own chum that they could be hired for companionship in return for payment? I bet they would laugh at you right? This is why I’m here to give my verdict on a site that is created specifically for that. Is Rent A Friend A Scam. Here’s my Review.

Pal, bro, buddy, mate. These are just some of the terms used to describe when you spend your time with someone for a favorite pastime or hobby.

But getting paid for it?!

Is Rent a Friend A Scam?


Let’s find out how it all works!

First of all, what is Rent a Friend?

It is a service that allows you to hire friends for a wide range of different activities.

The site is created strictly for friendship purposes, and is never to be used as dating service or adult/escorting agency.

Here are the many things suggested by the site that you can hire a friend for.

  • Travelling. If you are new to a town then it can be good for your friend to show you around town, shopping places etc.
  • Skills. If you are looking for new skills or training then you could be tutored by your friend. You can learn anything from new languages to a hobby.
  • Events. Have a friend accompany you to any events. Would you like to go to the cinema? Or perhaps go to a dinner?
  • Many other things you could think of. Perhaps gaming is more your thing, then you could rent a friend for this too.

The site launched in the UK in 2010, while the US version already has a big following. The concept is very popular in Japan, but the site says that the services are offered worldwide.

Once you are on the site you will see a set of tabs at the header of the page.
But where the main content begins, located at the top will be a big search bar and button. It will say that you can search by city, state, zip or postcode, and country.

I put this to the test, and immediately I put in my postcode into the search bar. It pulled up some profiles. The results showed me people from the city area and also profiles from the neighbouring regions.

After that I put in city names of places I had been to abroad so that profiles from different countries would pull up. And sure enough they did.

Would this really work?

I haven’t used the site myself, and neither do I know of anybody that has.

I just happened to hear about this site and research it.

As for my search on the profiles, I did not find any of them interesting to think that they would be a good companion for any social activity.

Not that I needed a friend myself. It just simply looked like they were the type of person with a bit of spare time on their hands.

But that is my judgement, as you really don’t know the person until you get to meet them.

Another major downside to most people especially, is that the economy isn’t all that great recently, with loss of employment and jobs etc.

Furthermore, my research told me that there was seldom new people joining. I had logged back in several weeks later to check on the site.

The profiles themselves could do with a little update. As I personally know someone who has their profile on the site. The description includes the age of the person. I take it the site has done this to be transparent, so you could match up with the right person for your activities.

However the person I know in question, is now a little older by at least 4 or 5 years.

I will explain further below, in the concluding part of this article on what I think, and it if works or not.

How to Join?

You will see Join Now buttons located in places on the site. There is an orange tab at the top of the page that you can click on, see image below. The other times you will see these buttons is when viewing a persons profile.

On a ‘potential friends’ profile there will be some contact details so you can get in touch via contact, email, or phone. These will be unlocked to view once you join so read on further.

Clicking any of those buttons will take you to a membership page for you to fill in should you want to join. The membership fee is $24.95 and then the potential friends can negotiate a charge from $10 or upwards per the hour.

After that is out of the way, you can start to contact them. If you are nervous about calling up some random stranger, you can just send them an anonymous email message that Rent A Friend provide on their system.

But you want to become a friend right, and not a member? Read to find out if this works.

But you want to make money?

Well, here’s the most important part that you want to know about.

So you wanted to know if you could make money with this right?

Yes, that’s whats also possible on Rent A Friend.

To make the system work, the site needs people to register as friends so they can get hired and paid for it. The registration is free, and all you have to do is click on the orange tab at the top the page, or the bottom of the page there is a link to join.

All you have to do is complete your profile details, such as a photo, area of residence, and such talents, interests, or skills etc.

As I stated earlier, the same applies for hiring a friend to becoming a friend, in that the fees start off a $10 and can go up to £50.

So now I will be moving onto the conclusion.

Is Rent A Friend A Scam?

No, the site is a legitimate service.

The concept may seem a little far fetched for some, but in places like Japan this is really popular. The site is available worldwide.

You take the site as it is.

So yes, it can work. It just depends on many factors.

But there are no guarantees of being hired as a friend.

All this depends on your own doing, for example, is the profile up to date and complete? Does it stand out, or is it just plain boring?

This also depends on the actual person looking for a companion, what does he or she prefer? What activities, or hobbies are they interested in?

However, there are some people making decent income off this. All manner of criteria should be taken in to account for this, such as the persons involved, area, environment etc.

The site has its set of rules to abide by. These are for your own safety.

Just don’t be expecting to be meeting a Tom Cruise or a Kim Kardashian. ?

You can check out the site here.

Take care.

These are my thoughts. What do you guys think? Please leave me your comments.

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This opportunity is much offline as it is online, as basically you fill in the details of your profile or check to see potential friends etc.

But can be more easy than offering your services as a friend to some lonely person? It would be great to get paid and go gym, to the local pub etc.

Expect lower chances in perhaps the more small, rural areas although you would be more in luck if you lived in big cities like London or live in the USA.

The idea of being hired as a friend sounds great so join and fill in the forms!

10 Responses to “Is Rent A Friend A Scam? Here’s my Review

  • I think your judgement is exactly right. This may be the right thing for some people and not for others and any time you are going to meet a stranger you need to do your research. I had never heard of this service and enjoyed learning about something new. Thank you for the interesting article.

    • Thanks for your comment Keli.

      It amazes how many opportunities there are. I too, hadn’t heard of the site so decided to research and write about it.
      Thank you for your comments.

  • Hi Amar, At first i thought this was some sort of scam but thinking about it i wouldn’t mind having a friend to help me with building my site ,so maybe its not such a bad idea, obviously you would have to be a bit careful and use due diligence before you meet,

    • You are very much correct Colin.
      The site could a good match up, but as say use your due diligence.
      Why not give it a bash and find out and let us know how it went Colin!

  • Is this Legit?

  • Friendly Guy
    1 year ago

    My experience was that all the people on there wanted to make big bucks for providing physical companionship and wanted to take it to a private home right away. The worst part of the whole site is that they censor messages. They actually monitor the words you use in messages to others, then stop messages they don’t like, and contact you to tell you that you were bad, claiming they don’t allow certain talk. It’s odd because when you pay to become a member you have phone numbers of people to text, so you can just carry on any improper conversation via text. There are also very few active people in the area, most are very young and desperate for money–I had a 20-year-old tell me she needed $1400 within two weeks. No thanks! Just skip the site, you don’t really meet meaningful friends.

    • Your comment has been edited a little for the readership. Seems you had a bad time with this site!

  • Roby collins
    1 year ago

    99% of the profiles on are fake. They are paid people sitting behind the scene, with multiple photos and just to fool you.Never signup for a paid account

    • Thank you for your thoughts. The pandemic would have put this site out of business just like many. The chances of income with Rent a Friend is 0 percent. And I’m not sure if this concept of meeting ‘friends’ would generally work anyhow.

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