Is Paidviewpoint A Scam?

That’s the question I keep getting on this.Is Paidviewpoint A Scam? And it’s not without its distractions. ‘Cos it has to be said that paid surveys have built up a bad reputation for themselves. And so begs the question – is Paidviewpoint a scam?

Now before we begin, let’s take a closer look at how the majority of paid surveys operate.

First of all, before you even begin to get started – you have to pay for them!…(well most of them anyway).

…So for starters, that’s a big negative for most people already. And if you do decide to part with your possibly hard-earned cash you will have to bide your time as the payout is very little. Simply put, doing paid surveys can be rather time-consuming and are a very long, slow, dull, tedious process.

Which Brings us Nicely onto

I approached this how I approached most other surveys – as a sceptic. However, as I looked on further the first thing that I noticed was is that it is free to join.

So happy days.

With the site certainly is a breath of fresh air, the look and feel of the site is simple and very user-friendly. I also noticed that it doesn’t have any of those useless ‘pre-qualify’ questionnaires that some surveys make you do only to waste your time.

Venturing further, I was surprised at the simplicity of it and how easy the site is to use. Honestly speaking I don’t think I’ve ever done a survey that took more than 5 minutes. Most of the time you will actually complete the surveys for in a much quicker time than that.

As I said earlier the surveys are very simple. You get the regular multiple choice questionnaire which most surveys are made of, and then you have these ‘cursor/slider bar’ surveys to denote how much you agree/disagree to various topics. All you have to do is move the slider to your preferred choosing when picking your answers. Simple as!


As the above chart shows, the majority of the surveys you will be taking are ‘trait surveys’. There are on occasions, other surveys that have a higher payout and these can get taken up rather quickly so you better hurry. But you needn’t worry as you most certainly will be getting invited to surveys on a daily basis or every other day.

You will often times get surveys from that you will have answered many times, and I will explain below the reasons for this.

Paidviewpoint has devised a system based on your trust called the TraitScore. Simply stay consistent and honest with your surveys and you will get more surveys thus getting your score even higher. The goal is to achieve a score of 9000 or more, and then after your earnings will gradually increase as you fill out more surveys.

This is done so can get to know you better. To further elaborate on this, for example, if you are a male and answered ‘yes’ to questions typically catered towards females, then this would affect your traitscore (trust score).

The site was created by Umongous, the same group that runs their ‘U.S only’ site to cater for a global audience – so get signed up, this one’s worldwide.


The payout admittedly is rather slow – but it is a legit survey that pays. You can speed up the earnings process by getting referrals and for every active person who takes part in the surveys you earn can up to $25.00. The minimum cashout is at $15.00.

So the question that was asked…

Is Paidviewpoint a Scam?

…..’Our survey says…..It’s Legit! ✅  Get started right away!

The surveys are quick and easy to navigate, you will not get disqualified.

Above all, this site is very trustworthy. If you like doing surveys, then why not do surveys that are free and don’t waste your time?

Just make sure you check back the site every other day, because although you will sometimes you get an email telling you a survey is available, but this is not always the case. I have checked Paidviewpoint on days where I haven’t received an email, but have found many times that surveys have been available.

Any feedback or questions very much appreciated, so do leave your comments!

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It is mostly 0.3 per survey although there are higher credits towards other specialized surveys. Yes, will take take but this is as legit as they come.

Have friends or huge social media following? Then forward your referral as Paidviewpoint claims its $25 per new active person – which is huge!

12 Responses to “Is Paidviewpoint A Scam?

  • I signed up for paidviewpoint 2 weeks ago and have been doing the trait surveys everyday. have not gotten any other surveys and so I’m only making 0.03 per day, at this rate it’s going to take me till next year to cash out that $15. not sure if I’m gonna do this all year for $15

    • Hello Kent.

      Yes Paidviewpoint is not to everyone’s taste. Surveys can take time to build up a good amount of earnings, but I assure you Paidviewpoint is one better ones out there.

      Their referral system can make you up to $25 per person, I’ve personally seen a friends account showing very high earnings because of this, and it is one of the very reasons I joined.

  • Hey Amar-V,

    Thanks for this honest review of Paidviewpoint Surveys.

    I have one question – on the chart above what is the difference between the green vs white dollar amounts? Is one of these compensations for starting the survey and another for completing it?

    It is nice to see a survey site with decent compensation!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Tyler,

      Good question. Simply put the green amounts are the amounts currently earned for said survey, while the amounts in white total this up each time.The dates go in descending order so the date at the bottom shows the most recent (from when the picture was taken).

      While the amounts are not a lot, over time you can earn a bit and for everyone person you invite can get you up to $25 considering they are active and doing the surveys!

      Happy earning!

  • Hi Amar,
    When I stumbled across your post today, I had to see if your assessment of Paid Viewpoint matched my own. I see we agree that it is a legitimate site. I’ve been a member for a while now, and I find their approach refreshing. If you’re offered a survey on this site, you will be allowed to complete it, and you’ll be compensated the stated rate. You’re never disqualified. With other paid survey sites, I often waste 5 – 10 minutes answering questions only to be told I don’t qualify for the survey. I find this very frustrating. For that reason alone, I would rate Paid Viewpoint very highly!

    • Thank you Linda for your thoughts on this, you have mentioned some key points for Paidviewpoint.
      That’s correct, you will always be compensated the stated amount and allowed to complete the survey. No wasting time answering pre-questions only to be disqualified as can happen with other surveys.

  • I’ve never seen a survey site that compensates you for referrals. How long have they been in business?
    As with most of these types of sites making money is slow but I see here the payout is $15.Is that cash or in vouchers/gift cards?
    It seems very achievable to reach. Thanks for a legit survey site, this looks like a worthwhile look.

    • Hello Peter,

      In answer to your question, No this is cash reward only as far as I’m aware. But you are correct about the referral system! I have indeed seen some people with a lot of referrals and they have accumulated, let’s just say, some really good earnings just by simply doing this!

  • Interesting review. I’ve never heard of paidViewpoint before. I know there are other survey sites out there too. I’ve never used any of them. Just seems like it would take so long to do the surveys, not sure it would actually be worth it. I just signed up for this one to see what’s what. I thought the signup process was long…

    • I thought the signup process simple and quick to do.

      Paidveiwpoint does actually take a while to get your first payment as you don’t get to do surveys on a daily basis, but by referring other people to take part you can increase the earnings by quite a bit. I have seen 2 friends profiles on Paidveiwpoint and one of them up to $900 + earnings, i kid you not!

  • Interesting survey site,I think for me I will get too frustrated trying to reach that $15 threshold. The good thing about this survey site is that it doesn’t promise you quick riches, so many deceptive sites out there making it look like you can earn 6 figures by just taking surveys. I tried a couple of survey sites, don’t have the patience for them.
    Thanks for the review

    • You need to use your head here. Doing surveys will not get you rich. Then, everybody will be using surveys to get rich as you speak. 

      I do surveys now and again, and the beauty of them is that if you have friends and a good number of followers the points/cash do add up quite a bit by going by the referral route. I do not spend a lot of time on them.

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