Is Mobrog A Scam? My Honest Review

For my homework I was browsing through the web and I came across a survey site I had never heard of. Now I’m not completely sure how you pronounce the name, but is Mobrog a scam?
Read on for my honest review.

is mobrog a scam

First of all, Mobrog is a surveys site.

Now when you come across sites like this you have to look at criteria such as if this site is trustworthy or not. So the first thing I did was typing the word ‘mobrog’ into my Google search.

There weren’t many reviews on the site at all. If anything Mobrog seemed to be the only site itself reviewing and rating itself very highly.

Now let me tell you more about what I mean.

Usually you have sites in the search engine results where they have a snippet which contains information such as a review or star rating. This star rating may usually pop up for sites such as restaurants and for reviews of products.

Now I could immediately tell something was not right when Mobrog has star-rated itself not just the once but twice. The first page was on its own homepage, and then the second was on a page with the extension surveys.

….I get it, people want some credibility to their business so they have taken measures to make it stand out and build good relations.

The next thing I did was to visit the site and see if I can get a good feel of what this site is about and see if it is security-related.

Immediately I realised this site was created by an amateur and not a professional. Let me explain.

The impression I get is that this site is supposed to be a big brand. And by reading the about us page the site ownership comes from Hamburg, Germany.

Gotta admit, this struck me as kinda odd as although Germany is at the forefront of the modern world with engineering and perhaps computerised technology, they are not known to be specialists in the survey panels or market research industry.

Certainly they are not known to branch out to other countries in this respect. So I was further scratching my head to realise that they seem to have catered for countries around the world.

You see, most survey panels and survey sites have a structure in the so-called ‘top tier’ countries, but I noticed that there were bucket loads of countries around the world where there is a lack of High Street retailers and brands. Now tie this in with the internet and e-commerce, then this site tells you a lot about trustworthiness. Or more a lack thereof.

The very first tab you will see is the one where it has United Kingdom on it.  Now if you are from another country perhaps from Canada or the United States then it should have those country names come up from where you reside. So what is clearly baffling with this Mobrog is that when you click on the tab the drop-down options come up with a list of endless country names.

They are all there you name it. As the above image shows, which is located at the footer of the site, that there are countries from Algeria, the Philippines to Pakistan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Korea etc.

Site presentation, yes this seems trustworthy ….. Not!

As I have mentioned before there wasn’t much in the way of presentation as the site lacked a lot in creativity and imagination it was very dull to say the least.

The theme of the site was not entirely suitable as the homepage was empty-ish. There was a big space by the sights call-to-action area. It was telling to sign up but as is the tradition these days with sights on the internet you have to look the part and be professional. this area of the site had no picture accompanying the call to action and looked very odd. You basically had to scroll down to know more about the site.

Fake Much?

All over the net you will have sites trying their best to give the viewers complete security and trustworthiness.  Sometimes it can be subtle touch or it could be over the top.

Let me give you an example of this, as you may have seen sites that will have claims and illustrations of’ ‘As seen on TV’ or ‘as seen on CNN’. Some sites have accreditation from company searches BBB (Better business Bureau).

Well you may have also heard of trustpilot. Whether you have heard of them or not, yep you have guessed it Mobrog have slapped their company on the site to give it the impression of  trustworthiness.

So what is trustpilot exactly? Simply, Trustpilot publishes reviews for online businesses.

After a bit of research I went to the site TrustPilot itself, and done a little homework on the reviews for Mobrog. There are many negative reviews as much as there are positive reviews.

Have you ever seen reviews and testimonials on places such as a YouTube video or on websites, then you should also know that companies or individuals can pay for reviews by the peanuts.

I mean, anyone would like to have good reviews for their business right?

So does that mean sites like Mobrog can have fake reviews for their site? Yes that is the nature of the world isn’t it.

Mobrog seems to have the hit the town and has endless youtube videos of people giving reviews of its site. They can be found on the About Us page. Although there were a few people from the United States, and United Kingdom, the majority of the people seemed to be from the South American regions.

It’s a pain and then some

Yes it’s a pain, it really is. I’ve already called this site a scam without even signing up yet.

But as is the case with my site DollarsFromTheWeb, I have to put this site through the test and see what it is about so I could let you guys know about it.

So here goes I’m going to sign up…

Mobrog claims they will pay you anything from 50p to £3 for the survey.

After I had signed up (with a spare secondary email ofcourse), I received a welcome email from my Mobrog.

I decided not to mess around and waste any more time after getting the email so I filled in the profile and decided to give it a bash and go for the first survey.

Filling in the registration forms was certainly no joy. I understand that marketing firms this at times and survey panels ask endless questions but a lot of them kept asking me all about vehicle and transport after I had put down I don’t have any means of transport they would ask me make and year of car etc and I thought this was pointless and the site needs to be the user friendly for the audience.

When I finally finished the survey which opens up on another page or tab there was no navigation or explanation of what to do next indeed I just completed the survey and And just left me stranded.

As the survey was opened on another tab, I went back to the previous main window and not so much refreshed the site I clicked on survey which said they are no surveys available so I was kind of baffled as to know where do I go next as I have just finished a survey.

There is a tab that says ‘My Balance’ and I clicked on it. I wasn’t really surprised but rather disappointed that I realised that this is a potential scam site.

It says you have no balance. So there you go, I wasn’t credited for completing the survey. See image below.

Have I judged a book by its cover?

As I later received more invitations from Mobrog to do more surveys. I decided to take up the opportunity and do them.

Hey, I’m doing this for you guys to see if this is legit or a scam! 

I was thinking, do I need to give this more time.

Okay, so the site didn’t credit me, but with most surveys sites something like this can happen due to technical glitches, not being a good fit for the survey (although the site should be notifiying you if this is the case), or doing surveys quickly to cheat the system.

Indeed as I clicked on for 2 more surveys, they were by the folks at Samplicious and Global Test Market who are legit market research companies so atleast it owes a little credibility to know that Mobrog is partnered with them.

However, I need to do more surveys (to earn a payout) and also just because a site is partnered such companies doesn’t mean they will pay up.

Mobrog could just take the money and run, who knows?!

Plenty of red flags here, but if I’m honest I’m being a tad bit judgemental to be honest.

As with everything in life, if you unsure with something then don’t be bothering with it.

From what I hear though, is that people from the South American countries, and places such as the Phillipines, Pakistan and India and wherever else, love this site.

I don’t know, I’m not from there and so it may be a better fit for people residing in these countries.
Take a look here then use the drop-down option to see your country listed.

So that’s it for my review of this blog post, I will be updating this as time goes on and I will leave you guys to think it over. Perhaps you have done or know about Mobrog surveys, what do you think? Are they a scam or legit?

Is Mobrog A Scam?
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The surveys are there, (as I’ve been getting emails aplenty) but do they pay?

At the moment it seems to be a split 50/50 with one party saying they got paid and the other saying they haven’t been paid when trying to cash out.

One thing’s for sure, they certainly ain’t paying £3 per survey which is a lot when it comes to surveys. I just don’t think Mobrog is one of them despite their claims.

As Mobrog is an unknown entity, there needs to be more digging around to see how this site holds up.

8 Responses to “Is Mobrog A Scam? My Honest Review

  • @Mary63
    3 years ago

    Your review was worth reading. I never heard of Mobrog. You presented your review in an educated format. It seems there are good but mostly some sketchy things about them. I would have to research their site for myself to get the facts and come up with my own opinion.

    • Yes, unfortunately Mobrog just happens to be that ste where you are not entirely sure on. Is is legit or scam? Use your own instincts and make up your mind, if you’re not sure then don’t bother with it.

      As time goes on I will go through this site and come up with conclusion soon.

  • Rosa Rustom
    3 years ago

    Hi Amar. I liked your website. I particularly liked the format and colours. The information you provide is good as a sense of honesty comes through. I liked the fact that your researching about sites that most of us have not heard about before. Thanks for that. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Rosa. 

      That’s why sites like mine and similar exist, to keep our readers in the know. All the time there are nay changes, companies shut down, there are new ones, or some change their ways etc. 

      It certainly gives me somthing to write about.

  • Mobrog sounds like one of the fake survey sites, after reading your review of it. I do some online surveys and am looking for something new, but this one doesn’t sound like it’s any good at all.

    It’s probably not a total scam, but like you say, there are a few red flags. Surveys pay very little for your time as it is, so I don’t think I want to risk wasting any time on Mobrog. Thanks for the great review.

    • Yes, I agree to what you are saying.

      If you are never sure do not bother with it.

      However I know of, and personally spoken to people who have no work and rely on this kind of stuff like survyes etc, so I try to provide value. 

      At the moment, I still get emails to do their surveys and I’m not completely ruling them out as a legitmate means to make money.

  • Hmn. I’ve been on mobrog for just under two weeks I’d ‘earned’ just under $20 thanks to getting kicked out of most of the surveys I started and was just about to redeem my $$. But I haven’t been able to get on all of today.

    If it lets me on tomorrow, I’ll cash out and cancel membership. Seems there are less painful ways to make a couple of extra bucks

    • Sorry to hear.

      Earning $20 for around two weeks is not bad. It just depends on the amount of hours you actually spent during the two weeks.

      Some PTC and survey sites are better than others, its just a matter of what you personally think is best.

      I am still with Mobrog, but I haven’t checked back with it for months.
      Reason being is that I had created a spare email account for this. Your main email gets bogged down if you have signed up for lots compaines doing surbeys and what not, also these companies may have policies agreement where they have third parties that sedn you endless junk/spam.

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