Is MintVine A Scam? A Survey Site Review

On this particular post, I will take a look at a survey site and give you my thoughts. Is MintVine A Scam? Here’s my review.

There are now a lot of survey sites on the internet, so when I stumbled upon this one, I decided to sign up and check it out to see if this is a scam of sorts.

So let’s find out more info about this site.

What can you tell me about MintVine?

I signed up, and immediately started to look for an ‘about us’ page or button. Amazingly, this site doesn’t have one, which I found a little surprising, since most most websites nowadays have a page like that.

However, not to worry as I did find contact details on their ‘terms of service’ page. The company headquarters then, seems to be based in San Francisco, United States.

Not much else is known about the site, for example, how long has the site been running etc.

But for now, let’s get into the meat and bones of this survey site.

When you are on the site, it is pleasant to look at and easy on the eye. It is quite easy to navigate and there no irritating ads here and there.

You will see tabs at the top of the page, such as, MVP, Survey Street, Offers, and Points.
(I will be talking about this more later on).

Right next to those tabs is another tab, which has no name to it, as it is a visual icon. You automatically know that this is the profile or accounts tab.

When clicking on the icon, it pulls up quite a few sub categories such as Dashboard, Earnings, Offers, Click History, Payment Options, and some others.

The main content on the site is easy to use as the user interface has a good, modern feel to it.

It is displayed in a windows or box style, and you should see links to Current Points, Rewards Road, Daily Poll, and some email settings.

There is a also Recent Payouts (PayPal) tab that changes to display various users who have used the site and cashed out.

Signing up and getting paid.

MintVine uses a points based system. You can redeem these points for cash, or gift cards/vouchers.

You will immediately get 200 points just for signing up. A hundred points equals $1.

You can register here.

When you reach the 1000 points threshold, you will be eligible to withdraw $10 to your PayPal or Dwolla account.

There is also the option to receive an Amazon gift voucher instead.

All surveys will of course differ and therefore, the points you can get credited with vary.

Using MintVine

The main thing about the site, is that it is a survey site through and through. The site is literally filled in abundance of them.

Taking their Routers surveys, for example, means you can take as many surveys that are available to you, and you you will be credited for each one that is complete.

Mintvine is also has affiliated partners which you will see in their Offers section of the site. These are free, trial or paid offers. This will also include the chance to join other survey panels, installing mobile apps, or watching videos in return for points.

In the Local Deals section, you can get a discount of products promoted by the site instead of paying full price.

The MVP section is just basically an option to invite friends or gain referrals. You can accumulate some extra points every time a person you referred completes their own surveys and offers.

What my thoughts are on this site.

I have given MintVine a good bash.

I’ve tried the surveys, and although they may not always follow through (occasionally you may be rejected if it is not a good match up to your personal profile and usage), the site does sometimes credit you $1 or $2 for your time.

There are always plenty of surveys to do, and you will also receive emails when new surveys are available (there is an option to turn this off).

My favourite is the Daily Poll surveys, because those surveys are dead quick and simple. There is no hassle. You will get 5 points credited to your payout each time.

Some people have said that they have trouble with the surveys. But stay consistent, update your profile as much as you can, and then you will get more surveys with higher points.

The users vary from person to person in regards to Mintvine.

Some say that you can reach up to $400 in six months, and another user claims they made $100 in just the one month they started using the site.

There have been a few complainers though, stating that this site isn’t worth it, and it may be a scam.

But going back to the question that was asked.

Is MintVine A Scam?

No, it’s a legitimate surveys site! ✅

You won’t get rich, but for me, I think this is a survey site that pays well. It is definitely one of the better survey sites out there.

You can join here and start earning straight away.

What do you think to this site? Are you struggling to get some points on the board? Or are you a current user that has been paid? Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

MintVine surveys
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6 Responses to “Is MintVine A Scam? A Survey Site Review

  • I’m always wary of survey sites, to me they just seem like a lot of time and effort for little return. I suppose it comes down to the quality of the site, this one seems to have a pretty decent rewards system. I’ve only just started with it so I don’t have any results to speak of yet but so far I’m enjoying it. Thanks for your review.

    • Some surveys sites are better than others.
      They are just a side thing for that extra little income, yet for others it can mean a lot especially with lack or jobs, and financial restraints nowadays.
      They are not quick rich, but you are after all, not required to do much in terms of any technical stiff.

  • Ronnie Jordan
    4 years ago

    Not bad. But I don’t like these kinds of sites because you get flooded with a lot of emails that get nerve wrecking at times. Did that happen to you?

    • That’s fair enough Ronnie. They are not for everybody.
      Also read third party terms of service to see what you are signing up for.
      Another you could do, is create another email address just for doing these kinds of things.

  • Hmm, interesting. I’ll have to take a look at the site. What is the typical time it takes to take a survey, and how much do you make?

    Also, have you reached 1000 yet to withdraw, or has anyone else you know withdrawn some money? I’m just curious. I don’t want to start doing surveys and never get my cash

    • It all varies by surveys taken, some pay more or less than others. The time it takes to complete isn’t a always a factor, as for example a 5 min survey could pay out more than a 15 min survey. 

      MintVine is now known by the name BrandedSurveys. It has been a while since I been on the site, but this is of the better survey sites out there. I’ve cashed out atleast 10 times, and this is soley by doing surveys only. 

      Some sites have a referral scheme so the extra points can add up. 

      If you don’t cash out by reaching certain thresholds, for example 1000 points you are moved up the levels starting from bronze, to levels silver and gold. Earnings should be more when this level is attained.

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