Is Ipsos A Scam? Or Is It Legit?

Is Ipsos A ScamPaid survey companies are everywhere. They will continually give you the chance to give your opinions in return for things such as payment and vouchers. But what if you came across I-Say surveys? Is Ipsos a scam? Or is it legit?

But indeed, there may be some of you asking, who is Ipsos? In simple terms, they are the company behind I-Say surveys.

To tell a little more detail, then lets go a bit further.

They are a global research marketing company, founded in 1975, and they claim to be the third largest (these kind of stats are always subject to a change, but hey) survey company in the world. The headquarters are based in Paris, France. In the 1990s they had a period of rapid growth and global expansion. They had acquired various groups and companies in Europe before going worldwide. They say they have upwards of 16,000 employees covering more than 80 countries in the world.

So what can you tell me about their surveys?

I suppose with the natural evolution of the interwebz, it was only fitting that such a large research company would take their business and turn it into a form of surveys. So surveys is what you get. And as this is a surveys-only site, you don’t have to put up the occasional random stuff that most GPT/rewards sites spew out on a regular basis such as having to take up offers, trials or downloads.

You have to be 18 or older to participate. And I must stress, that no matter how established and global the company is, even though some survey sites say the participants can be accepted worldwide, I do find that the majority of the time, if you are residing in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or even Australia/New Zealand then this will be most suitable.

I have people mentioning or writing to me, saying that they are rejected or the site doesn’t work because they are living outside the above mentioned countries.

I-Say is certainly one of more cleaner, more modern looking sites survey sites out there.
You will see tabs located at the top right of the site which are, Surveys, Explore, and a tab which denotes the number of points you have, and lastly, a profile and settings tab.

You can get anywhere of 10-100 points depending on the survey. Although more catered for people completing surveys in return for rewards, for example, evouchers can be redeemed or you can get gift cards for stores like Amazon, or Starbucks, there is the option to exchange the points for payment. Typically this is a $15 to redeem and ideally this option is open to the countries previously mentioned in the above paragraph.

As I’m residing in the United Kingdom, there was at the time of writing, 2 different options to redeem a pre-paid Master. One option was worth 600 points worth £5, and the second option set at 1200 points worth £10.

Here are some following examples of the rewards you could redeem as well as the number of points you have to accumulate.

  • A $5 Starbucks, or Amazon gift card would be 500 points.
  • A $10 Facebook game card would be 1,000 points.
  • A £15 Amazon card equals 1,500 points.

I checked out the ‘Explore’ option where can simply access by clicking the tab above on the main home page. It has a drop down menu which has Polls, Create a Poll, and Winners as the options.

Now this actually doesn’t do anything in terms of gaining extra points what not, but it would have been better if the company had added this as an option. When you take part in the polls, or even create your own, know that you won’t be getting any points for this.

Ironically there are lots of users who are active in the polls section of the site. I suppose Ipsos have done someting well, that is to make sure users are active on their site. But they could do better considering people are willing to spend their time on the site, and that is to reward people for their time, so something like a few extra points wouldn’t hurt.

Tell me what you think

Some people were thinking is Ipsos a scam. Most specifically, their I-say surveys site. I tell you it is not.

Sure, most survey sites come with their usual problems, but I found that I-Say had a good few drawbacks, so there are some things I personally wasn’t happy about.

Firstly, when you receive emails for a new survey, when you decide to take up the survey there is no link or re-direct back to the I-Say homepage. Why is this important I hear you ask? Because simply you may want to check your points tally or check up on other information.

Secondly, Ipsos have named their online surveys brand I-Say, but the domain name actually starts with something else. This is the actual login here just so you know.

Not everyone will know this and it’s not something people could easily remember. Users are much more likely to go on the interwebz and type in something like ‘ipsos’ or ‘I-say’ instead of something like ‘ipsos login’, which is what I did, and the above mentioned web address came up.

Thirdly, and as a blogger this aspect applies to me highly, you will know that most of these surveys/rewards sites have a referral/tell a friend option. Why is this referral thing such a big fuss to me? Well, a referral option can be very lucrative because think of it like a bonus, as you add your own referral you will rack up the points by not doing anything else. You see with some sites, not all, with active referral you can actually make some big dosh!

Honestly speaking, I-Say are a tad bit on the strict side when it comes to their Refer Friends scheme. You will be told to enter friends name and email. I-Say tell not to spam and only one person per household is alowed to enter.

My conclusion is that I-Say is a decent surveys site. It is not the best but they are certainly not the worst out there. If you love doing surveys then I would say I-Say is good.

Is Ipsos a scam? No Ipsos is not a scam, their surveys on the I-Say site are indeed legit.
Again, here is that link to sign up!

I would like to know your thoughts on I-Say. What do you think of the site or surveys on I-Say. Leave me suggestions or feedback, thank you.

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It is by no means one of the popular survey sites out there, but it stands up against the poorer ones.
A solid survye site for people who love surveys.

4 Responses to “Is Ipsos A Scam? Or Is It Legit?

  • Hi Amar-V!

    I have been very curious about Ipsos, and I-Say recently.

    I have looked into a bunch of survey sites, and found that Product Report Cards has been the most lucrative by far. Instead of working on points their surveys and product reviews always have a tangible monetary value.

    I actually found Ipsos through Product Report Card, and recently did a product test of toothpaste for them. It paid $5 USD, and I got free toothpaste out of the deal too. I haven’t used Ipsos beyond that, but I was definitely curious.

    Thanks for your review! Have you ever tried any user testing? I found a site called User Testing, which sounded amazing, but they didn’t accept my application…

    • Hey, Jordan! 

      Thanks for the comments! You have left some good feedback for this post, and also mention some good stuff out there for the readers!

      I-Say is what it is you know. Like I mention on the post it is not the best of the bunch, but in my opinion it shouldn’t rank amongst the worst survey sites.
      Unlike some survey sites where they partner up with marketing companies, I-Say is run by Ipsos who are a genuine worldwide research company. Ideally I would like to see them give more survey opportunities as I don’t think there are many.

      I very much appreciate you telling me about Product Report Card. I have no experience on this, as admittedly I have never heard of it until now. I will take a look at it, and make a blog post review on this when I get the chance.

      I have used UserTesting many a times, and you know what? It’s really cool! 

      However, it’s a shame you have been rejected, as my inbox is usually flooded with upto 5+ emails in any given day meaning they have lots of sites for testers. You could try again and see if you can get registered, or you could give WhatUsersDo a try. Read my review here. It is a site similar to UserTesting.

      If surveys is what you want, then you can’t go wrong with Branded Surveys. Formerly known as MintVine, they is always lots of surveys to do, and you can rack up the points easier than most survey sites for some extra dosh!

  • Marios Tofarides
    4 years ago

    Hi, Amar

    I have tried a lot of survey sites in the past few years, but since I live in a small country-island, for most of them I’m either not eligible or even if I am eligible, the number of surveys sent to me are too few to be worth it.
    I found out that User Testing or freelancer sites are far better.

    Thanks for the review!


    • Hello Marios.

      Indeed. Some people may struggle, especially coming from a small country island as you say!
      Companies want opinions from users where they reside in areas that have a retail structure in place, for example shopping malls or similar places like the usual towns and cities have. 

      In this case surveys may not be suitable to invest your time in. If UserTesting works for you, then great! Freelancing is a good option for you too, but I’m not to be speaking about that because this site is geared towards rewards and survey sites.

      Thanks for your thoughts Marios.

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