Is Clixsense a Scam? What you should know

Is Clixsense a scamThey say it is the mother of all PTC. It has spawned a ton of copy-cat, ‘paid to click’ sites. But perhaps you have been wondering, is Clixsense a scam?

So I will give you the overview and tell you what you need to know.

The site has been around a long time and it is one of, if not the earliest sites where you can get paid to click on adverts. It is certainly the most well-known amongst other similar services.

The site has been operating in the US since 2007, but the audience is worldwide.

As is the case with PTC sites they can be a hybrid of GPT (get-paid-to),  which means that there are other tasks you do rather than just click ads to earn.

Completing different tasks, surveys or even clicking the ads will give you various earnings in cents, hence the name of the site.

The site is user-friendly as the navigation is pretty simple as all the main buttons are at the top of the page.

The secondary blue tabs are for tasks so you can earn, and they are as follows View Ads, Surveys, Offers, Tasks, and ClixGrid.

How to Start Earning

To start earning (Sign up here) you can start right away and click on the ads. There are around 15 or more ads to view with a countdown timer of 5 seconds before you are credited.

The surveys tab will bring up an array of the normal surveys one would expect, and all these appear in a grid view as there are plenty.

If you have ever tried doing surveys before then chances are you have heard of marketing and survey companies such as Peanut Labs, Global Test Market, and Nielsen Online Panel.

Scrolling further down the page I noticed another set of surveys, although not as many as the above mentioned.These are called Daily Survey Routers. I attempted a few of these and realised they were not much different to the regular surveys at the top of the page in Clixsence. A few surveys seemed to be done in a quiz style survey, but the majority of them did seem to be the same.

Ads like this will mostly be for the ‘make money online’ or traffic exchange genre.

You will come across many pre-questionnaires which have to be completed before you even begin the survey. You have to be prepared to for surveys that ask the same questions many times. This can be rather tedious and frustrating.

You can typically expect to find the following pre-Qs

  • If you are male or female
  • Date of birth
  • Occupational details
  • Members of household, by quantity, work earnings per annum, any children etc

Now moving onto offers tab, if you have ever registered for any rewards/cashback sites then you would know the kind of things to expect here. I happened to find some surveys here too, but there were some various offers like ‘play Euromillions, buy one get one free’. Or offers that you have to sign up and win a mini, or a Netflix subscription.

However, the surveys and offers promotion gives you the chance to earn higher cents than usual, for example, clicking the ads the payout is which is quite low when comparing the Euromillions offer, which would earn you up to 355 cents.

The promotions differ depending on what region or location you are from, so let’s say you are residing in the United States, for example, then you will not see a Euromillions offer.

Earnings differ dependent on the survey, offer, even down to the advertisers

Finally, moving on to ClixGrid. This a fun little game where you are required to click on the right spot. It’s a big picture which is made up of lots small grids or boxes, and you have 30 chances daily to win up to $10.00. If you have ever come across ‘spot the ball’ in most sports-related games then you will know that this is a similar concept. Now each click will open up an advertiser or sponsor’s ad that you will have to view before finding out if you’re a winner or not. Please note that you will not get credited cents for viewing ads in ClixGrid.

The other part of Clixsense’s structure is that it is geared towards ‘affiliates’ or marketers. There is an Advertise tab for such people if they want to drive traffic towards their offers or website by creating their own ad. There is also an active forum which is frequented by visitors around the world.

So is Clixsense a Scam?

No it isn’t.
While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I find this a nice little fun site to do on my spare time. Doing the surveys can be annoying to some but there are visitors from around the world so it has a good fanbase.

For payouts, the minimum threshold is $8 for standard users. Clixsense is not using Paypal anymore for electronic transactions so for cashing there are other methods such as Payoneer, Payza as well as others.

So this is what you need to know about Clixsense.
You can get started right here.

Tell us what you think to Clixsense. Are you new, or have you used it before? 
Do you use Clixsense regularly, or do you think it’s not worth your time?

Tell us and comment below, thanks!


10 Responses to “Is Clixsense a Scam? What you should know

  • I did this when I first started online but I didn’t like it too much.
    You can make profit from it and for some people seeing just a little bit of income will be encouraging.
    There are some tricks you can do to leverage this system by creating your own adverts/ landing pages and you can buy / sell ads to leverage your stream(i forget the details).

    • Thanks for the input there Steve. Yes you’re right, making a decent amount of income on Clixsense can be a bit of a struggle, but some people however, have found a ‘knack’ of leveraging this by way of promoting this and even advertising their own sites or products.

  • Hello, I was always wondering about clixsense. There are so many sites online now that say you can make money but you never do. Thanks for this review on clixsense. This does sound like an okay idea to make a little extra money if you are browsing the web anyhow. Thanks again!

    • Yes Nicole, Clixsense is one of the few that you could legitimately make money by doing small simple tasks. It is not a get rich scheme, and admittedly the payout can be rather low. You can remedy that by referring others and making sure you complete a checklist to earn a bonus just like the Swagbucks has on its own site. There are visitors from all over the world, the US, UK, Europe, South America, and countries such as India, Pakistan etc.

  • Hi Amar-V, great post describing Clixsense. It sounds very interesting.I see a few friends make a decent income from it.I am looking from making some extra cash online, but I am new to these cash and reward sites.
    I would like to know if Clixsense offers step by step training or support to help their clients.
    Thanks in advance. I will come back for more information.

    • There is a comprehensive list of Qs when you go to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page located at the bottom of the page. Clixsense also has anctive forum so members can help each other and give tips etc.

  • I have been using ClixSense for the past few months and it had brought me some extra cash like couple o tens of dollars every month without any referrals by filling surveys and viewing the advertisements. However recently they had discontinued PayPal and I know it is not ClixSense fault but I am still disappointed. I am still exploring what is the next best payment option..

    • Hello Leo.
      It seems like you are an avid user of Clixsense, this shows that it is a good site to earn if they have no other alternative.
      Paypal for some reason or other, have decided to part ways with Clixsense. However there are other payment options such as Payoneer, and Payza.

  • Andrew G
    5 years ago

    While surveys and programs like these are not my cup of tea I respect someone that is willing to take the time to find out if at least for others’ and for a good purpose to find out if this is a scam or not. And while many people don’t have the patience for these type of questions filling, if it pays decent college and part timers can put it to use

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this Andrew. There is a certain type of people or that benefit from this, and as you say college and part-timers or indeed people who may need a bit more income can earn from these gpt/ptc sites

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