instaGC: The Review

instaGC: The ReviewDo you like receiving gift cards, and cash in return for completing tasks such as watching videos, doing surveys, testing some apps? Then you could give this site a try. I tested it out, and you can read on in my instaGC review.

As the name suggests, instaGC (spelt with an uncapitalised I) rewards its participants as a benefit for their engagement.

instaGC is a GPT (get-paid-to) site where you could gain gift cards and also cash in exchange for watching some video clips, screening applications, buying, and also completing micro-tasks as well as other jobs.

In the majority of Western countries, a large choice of gift cards are rewarded which consist of a variety of points or discounts off depending on the brands such as Groupon, BestBuy, Starbucks, Amazon, and also much more.

Although I’m sure the site says this is word-wide, the main beneficiary’s are people from the USA, Canada, UK, and also many European nations. In general, gift card options are best in these nations. Reason being is that most of theses brands are western as well as having good network and structure in place for this to work, also in the west the consumer makes up the main bulk on shopping and Ecommerce.

How to use instaGC

You simply sign up and use the site as you would with majority of GPT sites. Upon sign up you are usually awarded points.

The main dashboard/homepage is user-friendly, at least visually it is easy on the eye.

If you take a look at the image below you will see tabs on the upper most part of the site such as Earn, Redeem, Promote, and Compete.

This is followed by a group of thumbnails below. Expect to see the main players that are big on these type sites. You will see providers such as Acorn, AdWall, CrowdFlower, OfferToroPeanut Labs, Trialpay amongst others that offer trials, offers, and surveys.

If you look again at the image above, you will see that there is also a live chat feed which is situated on the right hand side. The chat seems well engaged, and is actually a little bit of a rarity when it comes to GPT sites having on online chat there.

This is a fun site for people to do on their spare time, and the points do build up and can be exchanged for the gift cards.

Again, you can rack up points when referring others.

I hope you liked my review on instaGC, have fun and get started here.

Leave me your comments and let me know what you think.

instaGC review
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It is a solid surveys/gpt site. It is for good epecially for people residing in the United States, Canada.

4 Responses to “instaGC: The Review

  • Succinct article about this InstaGC system.

    Some of the brands listed I totally use on a regular basis like Groupon Bestbuy Starbucks, etc… however, how much of an income can be expected from this?

    Are we talking pennies on the dollar for viewing vids and screening apps? or a few dollars each?

    I really do not want to jump into anything without knowing that i will get some type of return on my investment of time.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Chris.

      This site caters for people looking to make money and for them requiring to be an active participant.

      If you think you can make a passive income from doing surveys and micro-tasking then you are looking on the wrong site. Everybody would be doing surveys if that was the case. 

      There are tons of sites on the net where you can make an investment. Good luck with that.

  • I’ve gone through your review, but I could not able to recognize whether it’s legit or scam. I know that there are few legit micro task sites. For the first time I’ve come to know this instaGC site. Anyway, let me join and check the genuineness.
    Also, I need to know whether people from Asia can join this?

    • Hello Himbru, to answer your question, many GPT (get paid to/micro tasking) sites are indeed legitimate. There is the slight possibility that some may turn out to be a scam.

      If you did read my review as you point out, then it says on the post that the majority of the people that will most benefit will be from USA, Canada, and Europe.

      Some of these sites may allow Asian countries. You will have to check yourself to see if this works.

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