Getting started

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Hello and a good welcome to the getting started page.
Think of this like the ‘FAQ’ page.

Ok, so what’s this all about..?

This site looks at several resources or sites to make legitimate money online for free. And when we mean free – we mean free.

Right then, is this another one of them scams?

Not at all.
If you have checked out the About page you can see the site owner and he talks a little about his journey and experience in the online world.

Every money earning idea or topic you see here at DollarsfromtheWeb will have been extensively researched and tested.

The intention then is to make money while you surf the web and have fun while doing it!

There are many ways you can earn online. There are new ideas always popping up, so the list is literally endless. For example, there are sites where you are required to do micro tasks, while other sites offer surveys in return for payment.

Here are some ideas for you to make money.

 I’ve tried some of these before, will it be my worthwhile?

It depends on what you want and the kind of things you are looking to do. If micro-tasking isn’t for you, then you can try doing surveys.
But if you find doing surveys boring, then you can try your hand at something else.
What about writing, is that more your thing? Or perhaps you would like reviewing products in return for payment?

We are constantly on the look out for better things to give our readers.

So who can do this, and who is most suitable for this?

As already described in the About section, generally speaking, anyone with a computer/laptop and an internet connection can do this.

If there are people looking to make extra money from the internet then this would be ideal.
This can be beneficial for but not limited to such people who are;

  • students
  • part-time workers
  • unemployed
  • stay-at-home parents
  • teenagers
  • people with spare time

But most importantly, why not get paid for doing a lot of stuff you already do online?

What about work from home opportunities or jobs?

At DollarsfromtheWeb we are always constantly looking to improve and give value.

While we will not be looking at business investment opportunities here (or get rich quick schemes for that matter), we are certainly open to looking at work from home opportunities or freelancing.

We find that a lot of people want to be flexible in terms of their hours of work, and not have to be tied down to something called a contract.

Does it matter where you are from?

Most of the time there are opportunities for people who reside in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and also Europe.

*Not forgetting other parts of the world, as some people around the globe have very limited jobs or opportunities, and so some of these sites may mean a lot to them to make income.

What can seem rather pointless to someone residing in the US or UK, can be bread and butter for some people in the Philippines or Pakistan.

We are world-friendly. (Or at least we try to be). ?

Please Note: Make sure you have a Paypal account as this is how MOST of the sites will pay out.
Currently Paypal have an ‘invite a friend’ scheme where you can refer invitees to register and you will be eligible for £5. Paypals terms and conditions apply and link only works for residents for UK

Make sure to check out this page, ways to make money for free.

Have fun and start earning!

-DollarsFromTheWeb team.