Free Postcode Lottery UK – Is it Too Good to be True?

Free Postcode Lottery UKThere are people who play bingo in pursuit of dosh. Some even sign up for free offers, and then there are those that have tried matched betting at the local bookies. I’ve even seen some scam promotions come and go during my time. I have seen it all. But along comes the Free Postcode Lottery UK – and I think to myself, this is probably too good to be true.

At the time, I was currently looking up for an opportunity to write about when I saw this. In keeping with the theme of making money online for free for this site, I thought this could be perfect.

I had earlier seen the facebook ads doing the rounds for this UK based, nationwide promotion. It was certainly a targeted ad, as the city name came up from where I resided.

So I checked this up and it was confirmed to me that people were also seeing the ads in other cities and regions from where they lived.

So I’m thinking to myself, I’ve got to take a look at this.

But I do have to admit, that I was a tad bit unsure about something. The very first thing that popped into my head was that this sounds a lot similar to another promotion. So I had to go and check information from other sources.

As it turns out, this is a different entity and promotion altogether.

*Not to be confused with the ‘People’s Postcode Lottery’ who also run and operate as a lottery nationwide in the UK.

However, this site is a free promotion so you won’t be paying to enter any draws.

But What’s the Catch? This Sounds too Good to be True?

I couldn’t believe it myself. Surely there must be something to it.

After checking several sources and delving deeper, it does seem that is entirely legit.

For my homework, I had found an article by the folks at (a highly reputable and trustable site from renowned financial expert Martin Lewis).

It seems they have verified it and given it the thumbs up. And so that is fine by me.

This gave me the green light and encouragement to go ahead and join the promo knowing that I won’t be falling for any sort of scam.

Free Postcode Lottery takes good pride in these numbers.

Now I will be talking about more information on the site.

Here is what I found.

First of all, here is the obvious bit. This is a postcode based lottery that is absolutely free to enter for participants, and most importantly people residing in the UK.

The site is created by London-based Chris Holbrook. It has been running since 2011 and has been rapidly growing.

The prizes can reach £500+.

But the main question most of you may be asking is, just how can they pay people extraordinary amounts if it’s supposedly free.

Pot is shared but there are more chances to win if people with same postcode enter

Chris claims that the site makes money off the ads running. This will become apparent as apart from the draws, you will see a lot going on in the background of the site.

Just for visitors being there and checking the site to see if they have won, the site makes some pretty good revenue from advertisers.

That also means there are chances to win non-cash prizes as the site is partnered with various advertisers, so expect links from free, trial or paid offers/or prizes.

These offers are completely optional but do remember that they may have their own set of terms and conditions should you decide to enter.

How to Enter

As this postcode lottery is free, you don’t pay for a ticket, in fact, you buy nothing. Instead, you just enter your postcode and email details when registering on the site.

You will get daily reminders to your email to check the site to see if you have won or not. This is just an option, and it can be turned off if you decide not to receive the reminders.

Winners get paid by Paypal, so it’s best to register with an email address that is also used for your Paypal account.

Free Postcode Lottery says there are 6 chances to win. Or is there?

It’s a Whole Lot of Fun, there’s Prizes to be Won!

The Free Postcode Lottery UK says there are 6 chances to win. And while that is true to an extent, there is also a random £5 Flash draw, as well as a secret £100 mini draw (if you check the bottom of the website) that takes place between 6 pm and midnight.

As for the 6 chances to win, these are the main daily draws and you will see some tabs (see image above) which are as follows, Main Draw, Survey Draw, Video Draw, Stackpot, Bonus, and Quidco.

There is also a chance to win some cash with the MY BONUS scheme. It accrues by 1p each time when you check out the daily draws. This can also be increased by gaining referrals.

*My Bonus is only eligible when you win any of the draws so that the earnings add up to your overall winnings.

As there is a lot going on with the ads, prizes, offers, and not to forget the draws themselves, the site can get confusing to the visitors, especially for the newcomer.

The Main draw is usually the draw with a higher cash prize. As the rest of the draws follow, they get lower. Quidco is always set at £50, but you have to register with them and take up free/trial offers for eligibility.

The daily draws get rolled over if nobody claims the prize. The draws can easily reach well over £500 if they get rolled over!

*There is 24 hours to claim a prize.

So if you miss it, you miss out.

There is also a forum which you can sign up to. The website also has its own comments thread, as well as a facebook thread. Visitors come and go, and you can see people’s comments on the site daily.

You will see people mainly talking about how close their postcode nearly came up, or about how they never win. And then there a bunch of ‘regulars’ that will always back up the site and say that it’s legitimate.

It is quite funny in that sense.

If you are an avid user, or perhaps new to the site, then expect to frequently go to the terms and conditions, as well as the faqs pages as the site can get a little confusing, especially where as the draws are concerned.

So is the Free Postcode Lottery UK too good to be true?

Yes, it does seem that way.

But know that it is legitimate and free to sign up. You can register here.

The site makes money from advertising revenue. The site owner, Chris, has created a sustainable business model where it can pay prizes to visitors without the site being hit by financial constraints.

But do know this, that this site is exactly that.

Know that you will be in with a lottery’s chance of winning and that the odds aren’t entirely that great where your chances of winning are concerned.

Increasing your chances

The site says to not only invite your friends but also your neighbours.

So increase your chances by inviting the neighbours!

How exactly does this work?

Well, if more people with the same postcode register, then this gives a greater weight for the postcode to pull out of the hat, therefore increasing the chances to win on the draws.

It’s as simple as that.

Overall, who would say no to winning £500 + on the lottery, that you have basically entered for free!?
For winners, expect to see a big claim button!
Enter now, and good luck!

Tell me what you guys think. Have you heard of this site, or is this new to you? What do you think about this site? Please leave me your comments.

10 Responses to “Free Postcode Lottery UK – Is it Too Good to be True?

  • Great review. When I first saw these adverts popping up, I was sure it was a scam, but after a while I realised it was indeed possible to run website like this! In fact it’s a very interesting concept for the owners to drive traffic for their website and make money based on advertising. I have looked into this myself and although the chances of winning are actually quite slim, since it’s free, I do see attraction with the possibility of making free money online, if you get lucky that is!

    • Definitely!

      The owner of the site has hit the lottery by creating the site, as it was a part time thing for him at first. But now he has gone full time with it and he says it enabled him to pay off his mortgage!

      As for anyone who does the lottery on a constant basis, then this would be great for them. The chances to win would be the same (you can increase your chances by inviting the neighbours), so it is free to enter, and the only thing you spend is your time to check the draw.

  • Beverley
    5 years ago

    Hi great review, reading this post I was interested in delving further into your website and finding out more.

    I (like a lot of people) went through a stint of searching the internet for ways to make
    money online but never came across Free Postcode Lottery before.
    After reading this review, I’m interested in registering onto this site, you have to be in it to win it right and why not try and get the neighbours involved.

    It is very interesting how much they are making from the adverts on their site, it really does prove there is money to be made everywhere.

    I’ll look forward to reading more of your reviews

    • That’s right Beverley.
      I gather Chris, the site owner for Free Lottery Postcode makes a lot of money from his site.
      It is a free site, but still you get people complaining on the site that they never win.
      I just log on now and again. I don’t take this seriously as some, it is just a fun site for me, that costs nothing to enter.

  • I can’t see any harm in joining this Free Postcode Lottery UK, at first I thought you were writing about the People’s Postcode Lottery which is regularly advertised on TV, this lottery is new to me however having Martin Lewis give this the thumbs up suits me.

    The only problem I can see here is that providing your email address for a free draw can only mean one thing, a domination of spam emails from other companies who they sell their email lists to.

    Have you heard anything regarding a load of junk mail coming through email after joining? I would prefer to know this answer before I sign up, failing that, what have you got to lose especially if the luck comes your way.

    Thanks for introducing me to the Free Postcode Lottery UK, new to me,

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this, and writing in Simon.
      I can assure you, that you need not worry where ‘spam’ emails as you say, is concerned.
      I have had no junk or spam mail has come to my email since I signed up for the Free Lottery Postcode.

      Chris, the site owner even says they are big on this issue, your email details will never be passed onto any third party.

      You have an option (but not obliged to) sign up for their partner offers and trials (the main one being Quidco), where it could be possible get an influx of spam or junk mail (I haven’t signed or registered for any of these), but do remember each on has their own terms and conditions.

      You may also see offers on your email, but again your not obliged to sign up for any of these.

      There is also the option to opt out of the daily reminders the site send you to check the draws, but on the whole, I wouldn’t worry just for signing up for the draws.

  • Hi Amar,

    I have often wondered about the postcode lottery and how it works! I’d heard about it a lot but never really bothered finding out more. Thanks for a useful article, it’s made it clear to me now and I may well register!

    I presume you are registered – have you ever won anything?


    • No worries Louise!

      You take the site as exactly that, you have a lotteries chance of winning -meaning that the chances to win would be the same as say, the national lotto!

      But it’s all for fun at the end of the day, and of course its free.

      I haven’t won anything yet, but here’s hoping.

      The more people enter from the same street/postcode, then it gets ‘put in the hat’ with a higher probability for your chances to win.

  • Derek Marshall
    4 years ago

    Hi there Amar,

    Excellent site I must say, and thank you kindly for creating and sharing the lovely opportunity with us all. It is really appreciated. Thank you kindly.

    I was a little sceptical at first but..blooming heck! Thumbs up from no other than Martin Lewis! – gotta be legit! MSE been running for over 15 years!

    • Yes, I am fan of Martin Lewis, he knows his stuff. The site owner has had to come up with a few changes to his site, so I’m currently thinking of whether to update the post or write up a new fresh one completely.

      The site is now known as Pick My Postcode to due legal issues with Postcode Lottery. The names are very similar, but Chris’ site neverhthless is legit as they come.

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