Foap Review: Snap Pics for Cash on this App

Foap ReviewIt is hard to find an app with real credibility where you can earn cash for completing certain tasks. I had heard about an app where you can sell photos. I decided to take a look, and so I can tell you if this is the real deal or another false hope in this Foap Review.

This mobile supply image website markets open resource pictures for $10, with the digital photographer making $5 each sale. You could offer the exact same picture as manytimes as you like, hence making money on the very same image repeatedly.

You could additionally advertise your images through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and also various other program systems.

Foap has some terrific competition objectives from several widely known brand names. You could gain $100 or even more for your job if you fulfil all the provided standards as well as win. There is no restriction on the variety of pictures you could send for a certain competition.

Foap supplies contests and also goals areas that ask for images of a provided style if you’re not certain which images to post. The contests area could be particularly profitable, paying $100 or even more to the winning image.

Foap has a certain social element  to it, with users of engaging with comments to your works.

But Does This Really Work?

Can you really sell photos for cash, is the question. Yes you can, however in this Foap Review, I want to be entirely transparent about what to expect from this app.

Indeed they sell, as when you sign up as a user, you will get occasional notifications when other users ‘follow’ you. But the more important one is when you notified when a customer buys a users picture.

But while this is wholly legitimate, don’t be expecting to sell all of your photos, if any at all.

That is not to put any one off, of course you could have a skill in taking good quality pictures, but read on below for the reasons why.

Now the very first thing that you start to do is start taking or random pictures of outdoors scenery like the clouds, the trees, or even, let’s say objects in your house, but think about it, would you expect any of your photos to sell?

While I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination, you have to remember what people is a piece of art, something that captivates and bring emotions.

People who best know how to use the lighting, filters, and of course make the best use of environment will have best results.

Also, the opposite is true. I have seen users who have complained that they have taken really great, beautiful pictures, and are ignored while I have seen really lame and at times, hideous pictures sell.

The app is cluttered with users downloading their work in the hope for a quick buck. So there is a sea of people, trying to sell their photos, and this makes it difficult to find recognition when customers are looking for some cool looking snaps.

In this Foap review, I have outlined the best way you can utilise the app. Whether you are a complete novice, an amateur or even a professional it will certainly help your portfolio so you can sell pics for cash on the Foap app.

Foap is a marketplace for customers so don’t be expecting to sell a random pic of your coffee table with dust on it. Make sure you learn that skill-set of photography and be creative with your photos.

You can download the Foap – Sell your photos app on the App Store and on for android phones on Google play.

I have downloaded the app myself, and it is just a fun hobby for me, something on the side for when I snap some pics while travelling.

But what do you think of app? Have you ever used this before? Please leave your comment and let me know what you think, thanks.



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Download the app, upload the photos. Simple.

But how many photos are you gonna sell. Not many.

If you like photography though then this is an option to explore.

4 Responses to “Foap Review: Snap Pics for Cash on this App

  • That’s a pretty awesome idea. People are always looking for images to use. And there are services that buy images to sell. Phones exist now that can take professional grade photos. I think is something I might actually use. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Have you actually earned any money from it as yet? I might come back and tell you if I do if I try it out.

    • You are absolutely correct Ade. Whilst it may take some time to sell photos, it is an avenue you can’t really ignore. Foap has not only users sending in their photos, but also there is a good marketplace for buyers. 

      There are so many people creating content these days, and a lot of people are always on the lookout for good quality images.

      No I have yet to sell my photos, but I’ve spoken to enough people and also seen notifications of users photos being sold, so this is legit no doubt.

  • Roopesh
    4 years ago

    At first, I got really excited thinking that one would be able to make lots of cash selling photos on the Foap app.

    When you mentioned, that there is a sea of people are sending in their photo’s it got me thinking.

    That the competition is tough, and sometimes you will win by the draw of the luck.

    As you had mentioned, if it’s a hobby, then it fine, but to start a business from, the foap app might not be the thing.

    Do you have an alternate recommendation for one to start an online business?

    • Foap is what it is, it’s a legitimate site no doubt about that, but I think that it would best suit people who just click the scenery for a hobby or an amateur. A professional may want to sell their photos on some other platform/sites.

      This site is soley intended for people who have spare time, perhaps be it students, or people with no jobs. Think of it as ‘beer/pub money’. 

      As for ‘starting an online business’, well I’m glad you asked that Roopesh.

      Send me a message on contact page, and I will do my best to hook you up with the best marketing, training in online business. Period.

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