Field Agent App – Making Money with your Smartphone

My name’s Bond. James Bond. I decided to leave the secret services to become a Field Agent. My job is to deliver relevant instant and invaluable business information – as a mystery shopper.

If only the above were true.

What if Mr. Bond wanted to call it quits so he can lead an easier life and give up the gizmos and gadgets altogether, just so he can download some apps to make money on his smartphone?

It is certainly far-fetched and pretty wishful thinking but perhaps it wouldn’t be out of place in a future novel that included a take on a modern James Bond.

What is true though, it is indeed possible to register as a mystery shopper by installing the Field Agent App on your phone.

But could be making money with this? Read on for more in my review.

Field Agent App - Making Money with your Smartphone

What is Field Agent?

This is a company that came about when a team of like minded business people got together to solve problems for their clients. Clients want access to real time data, so Field Agent would gather this data for them and analyze all this to give insights and informtation to them.

Although I looked high and low for their exact headquarters, I could only figure out that they are founded and based in the United States by a group known as North Star Partnering Group who are a market research company.

They do have contact pages so there is no worry should you need to get in touch with them, and they also have offices based in the United Kingdom, Canada, and also operate in Australia, Romania, South Africa, and Mexico. That means they should have seperate country domains related for the said countries.
Should you need to know more, you can take a look at their about page here.

Field Agent has actually been around since 2009 beleive it or not, but perhaps the app was created at a later timeframe or evolved as technology in mobiles got better.

Who knows.

From what I gather most of the clients seem to be from the retail sector, although Field Agent say they are open to doing business with any industry type.

Also the data type that seems to be the most sought after, quite naturally is of quality assurance. This can mean various things depending on the store, restaurant, or generally business industry type.

For example, how are the products displayed in the store. Are the products prices correct or displayed clearly? Below is an image taken from the site Field Agent which illustrates more better what most clients look for.

As you can see, the Field Agent app was created to obtain fast, accurate, retail auditing and mystery shopping solutions from crowd-sourced agents.

Okay, so how do I go about and make some money?

First of all you would need to go ahead and download the app and then register as an agent and complete your profile.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

There are 2 types of tasks, or ‘jobs’ as they are known in Field Agent. The first type is where you will directly paid be for the job (which is subject to reviews from the team) as you may be required to take photos on your smartphone, and the second type is a survey based job. There will be no payments for the survey jobs, instead you will be entered into a prize draw of £100.

Prize draw details are published on the app to see who won certain amount of money previously. If you check the ‘latest message’ tab on the app you will see the recent listings of prize winners. Prize draw money can vary depending on what survey you had entered.

Most of the times I used the app there was jobs for the Subways store. The task is usually the same, that is to get a snap of the store menu. There are on-screen instructions for what to do, so you don’t have to worry.

Jobs vary by pay from anything $3.50 to $7.00. I personally got paid £5.00 (UK money) for a job I did. And yes, it was for the Subways outlet not far from where I live.

If you ever wanted to know the pay in American dollars, then I checked the site and it states jobs are anything between $1 -$12. You can cash out as as you obtain any amount of earnings. Yay!

While most most survey sites and money apps pay via Paypal, this app pays straight to your bank account or Dwolla (an alternative payment merchant to Paypal).

You will need to turn on the locations settings on your phone. This is because the app registers your zip code/region or even where your current location is to match the nearest job available to you. The jobs will most likely take you (should you accept) to some retail outlet. You are given an allocated time slot to complete the tasks (usually around the 2 hours mark).

There is really not much technical stuff to do for this app. You just simply download it to your phone, complete your profile and that’s it. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn a bit of dosh from your phone as you stroll your way to your nearest

The below image shows a listing of recent prize draws, with the prize amount and also what survey draw the participant entered. 

If taking snaps in a retail outlet or restaurant is something you are confident doing then there shouldn’t really be a problem, although you have to take consideration that some staff or members of public don’t like having a camera pointed towards them.

As this doesn’t involve taking snaps of people then its just about yourself being sensible.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about the Field Agent app.

While this may having nothing whatsoever to with espionage, and everything to with mystery shopping, if you were ever looking for a legitimate money making app for your smartphone – then this is one of them.

Please leave your feedback, have you ever used apps before and made money? Then let us know us know and leave us your comments, thanks.

Field Agent app review
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This is a simple app, so easy to use. Install the app, create profile and take up available jobs. Stroll to your nearest store and take a few pics, viola you get paid!

Only slight negative was the lack of jobs available (here in UK).
But participants in countries like the US or Australia may have more jobs.

6 Responses to “Field Agent App – Making Money with your Smartphone

  • I found this whole concept of Field Agent super creative!
    It made me think that this might be a nice opportunity for teenagers. They always like to make a few bucks to spend with their friends, right?
    Do you know if there’s a minimum age to join and become an “agent”?

    • Superb comment Eliane.
      Yes, this is a good opportunity for people like students, teenagers, stay at home parents and the like.
      Glad you asked about the age criteria. I was going to put it in the post, but forgot!
      This is where people like you come in, and again thanks for asking!
      The age required is that you have to be atleast 18 to join.

  • Michael
    4 years ago

    This field agent app looks really cool. I like that you get paid a few bucks just to take some pictures of places and things within your area.

    You said you’ve been using this app. On average about how much would you say you can make a month with this app?

    • Yes, it’s a cool app.

      The average on how much you could make really depends your location. Are you in a city, and depends on who clients are that in partnership with Field Agent.

  • Richard U.
    3 years ago

    I have seen few apps like that but the features you just mention about this App obviously got my interest.

    It is indeed a creative business concept as you said and should be able to make someone a few quick cash.

    In fact, am going to share this as I knew a couple of friends that can benefit from this as well.

    Quick question; Do they pay on time? How good could you say their customer is?

    • Yes, it is a good creative concept as you say. 

      But as with any business you need good, strong business credentials, and Field Agent came about when good business people got together.

      According to the site the as long as you reach the minimum threshold of 5 dollars/pound sterling you can cash out.

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