Does Swagbucks Work? Is It A Scam?

Does Swagbucks Work?I had already looked at PTC (paid to click) sites before I heard about this website. But there was something that I wasn’t quite sure on. I mean does Swagbucks work? Is it a scam?

So I was eager to find out about this site.
I looked at the FAQ and About Us pages to get more information.

I then decided to scroll further down to look at all the options and found that while this site has all the elements of a typical GPT (get-paid-to site), it should be noted that Swagbucks is primarily a rewards/loyalty program website.

There are a lot of things to do on this site. Upon signing up you are automatically given 50 Sb (Swagbucks points). If you go and take a look at the site you will see tabs such as shop, watch, search, answer, display, and play on the left-hand side that shows you ways to earn your Sb.

It did take me a little while to get used to things but very soon I had accumulated a lot of Sb points. Swagbucks does encourage you to be active and this shows on their social media.

The site does have a very good following and it is active for the following countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

As I said before you can acquire Sb points by watching videos, playing games, searching the net, taking surveys, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

You can then redeem your Sb points for gift cards, rewards, or even get paid in Paypal cash.


All for Fun, Nothing Serious

As you can see from the interface, the site is covered with offers and promotions. The offers are all displayed in a thumbnail view. They consist of trial offers, and cash back offers. It is entirely up to you to take out these offers.

As I was never interested in the cashback offers I proceeded onward to see if I get anything meaningful. I watched some videos and played some games. I then tried the Swagbucks search bar to earn.

After using the site for a good while I thought that this would not really be my cup of tea. That I would be better off spending time being more productive as that is what I like to do.

I noticed that using the search option sometimes my points were not credited. And I had also got bored of watching 3 to 4 mundane videos just to earn a few measly Sb points.

That’s not to put anyone off because Swagbucks can be fun if you have the time to spare.


Swagbucks pays your rent. But is this true?

So does Swagbucks work? And Is it a Scam?

Yes it does work, it’s not a scam at all.

Swagbucks is most definitely a legitimate site where users can earn points and win rewards. Aside from a few little glitches like the search bar, swagbucks does work.

Earning cash can take a bit of time but there are users that have won prizes. The winners are always listed on the site. The users of swagbucks range from teens to parents, so honestly speaking swagbucks does have a good fanbase.

I wouldn’t personally use the cash back feature myself,  unless I was ready to purchase something that I was interested in buying. But if you are a little savvy and clever and play around then it could amount some really good Sb for you.

They are also active on social media (facebook), and they will sometimes announce what is known as swag codes which can be found there. All you got to do is get the code and paste it into the swag codes bar which can be found right at the top of their site for some easy Sb!

If you don’t mind the few flaws and like to spend a lot of your time watching videos, playing games – you know generally having a blast online anyway, then this will be really great.

After all who wouldn’t mind winning a PS4, or having your rent paid!

If you visit Swagbucks regularly then here are my following tips to earn some good Sb:

  • Referral program – use the referral program to earn more. Inviting other users will help you a good percentage over time as the new users begin to accumulate their own points.
  • Daily Goals – This is a meter that shows you how many points you can earn to get more bonus points. Good for motivation.
  • Hourly random winner – you can check on the site blog to see if your username is listed as the winner every hour.

You can sign up right away. Join Swagbucks here.

*Here are my final thoughts on Swagbucks then.

As mentioned above, there are active users Swagbucks, and there is a fanbase, but ultimately don’t expect to earn high payout, indeed more so than some of the other ‘free money websites’ or services I talk about here on DollarsfromtheWeb.

What do you think to Swagbucks? Are you a daily user of this site or do you find that it’s not your worthwhile? Please leave your thoughts and feedback on this.

6 Responses to “Does Swagbucks Work? Is It A Scam?

  • Hi Amar-V
    I do agree that Swagbucks is a legit site. The problem is that it took me so long to accumulate points, that I got discouraged and quit. I was interested in getting the Paypal bucks and it just took to long to acquire a few dollars! Certainly someone with more time for the net could probably do better. Your article explained how it worked and I bet some will visit the site!

    • Exactly Robin,

      These are what I would call ‘side income sites’ or little earner sites, it might not be for everyone, but Swagbucks is ok for some.

  • Riaz Shah
    5 years ago

    Hey Amar,
    Swagbucks sounds really cool, I wouldn’t mind getting paid to play games online but are there the same games and activities?

    For a short period of time, I think I wouldn’t mind playing but after a week or so, I’ll get bored already cos I’m a puda. Just look at my STEAM account, my library is filled with games. Great review man, thanks for writing this.

    • Thanks for your comment and thoughts on this. Get paid to’ sites are not for everybody, but if you spend a lot of time surfing the web than these sites can build a little income.

  • I can definitely see Swagbucks as an opportunity to make a little money from spare time. But generating a full-time income is a different story.
    From your review, it’s clear to see that Swagbucks is a legit opportunity. It helps but I’m after a more viable option to earn a passive income and starting a business opportunity.


    • Thanks for the input Neil.

      It’s there for those that need it, so Swagbucks will certainly help somebody, but as you say it is entirely different for those actually looking for a business startup.

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