Clickworker Com, What Should I Know About This?

Clickworker ComWhen I came across this site looking for opportunities I was thinking what category type it should fit in. There are times when you are required to do some research, and other times you are asked to fill in a survey. People would always ask me about it. So I decided I would give this a try and tell you what you need to know about Clickworker Com.

The company uses the crowdsourcing business model to get workers to complete micro-tasks or micro-jobs for their clients.

The site uses the headline on its website ‘Your virtual workforce. On demand. Worldwide’. So hopefully you get a little idea about this.

So Let’s Go into More Detail for this Review.

Given that computers can automate a lot of tasks, there is still nothing that compares to the human touch. A real person can not only analyze, and research, but also put emotional content to the given task or projects. A computer can never write a book let alone a masterpiece, this is where freelancers come in.

The site says the headquarters are based in Germany so that’s where I am going to assume where Clickworker originates from. It was created in 1995 to help businesses complete complex projects by matching the right kind of workers with the right projects.

As is the case with many micro-job sites there are several different tasks that you can choose from, so I have listed the main ones for this site:

  • data entry jobs
  • translation
  • writing
  • transcription
  • surveys

Going into a little more detail of the kind of things you will be doing, there will be some research involved and categorization. Depending on the job types you will be tagging video/audio or images, data verification and categorization, working with seo, creating text and/or indexing. There is more to it than that but the jobs depend on what the client wants. I have also seen surveys listed in there.


As you can see from the above picture the job listing has the title of the job, with the instructions. Each job has different rates of pay. There are also specific projects or job types where you have to complete assessments, so they can match you with more of those jobs from then onwards.

How do I Qualify?

For people located in the United States and Europe, there shouldn’t really be a problem. However, for the rest of the countries or regions, I cannot entirely give you the exact specifics on this as Clickworker doesn’t really say. You can try to sign up and find out and see if you can qualify. I tried to find more information regarding which countries are applicable to sign up but the site doesn’t have this information.

Clickworker is always trying to expand and try to recruit more workers from around the world.

The company says they pay $9.00 an hour, but I don’t think it actually works like that. You will not be paid by the hour simply because you will be doing micro-jobs that can last anything from a number minutes to say up to 30 minutes or more.

Again Paypal is the payment method as it for most of these make money online sites. However, if the chances are you don’t have a PayPal account then also uses the SEPA method (stands for Single Euro Payments Area). There are bank accounts that allow this method, and this should give you an indication that can sign up for Clickworker if your country has SEPA.

And so moving on to the second part of this Clickworker Com review.

Know About the Complaints

There are complaints?

Yes, before you try this out there are a few negatives that I want to talk about here. Not everybody will have the same problems, but there was enough for me to take notice and let you guys know about it.

So do proceed with caution when it comes to Clickworker com.

Firstly, the pay itself is very little. But that is kind of expected when you’re working on a micro-jobs site.

But digging a little deeper, and doing some research, I had found out that although there were a fair a number of people who swear by Clickworker, that have been paid by the site…

…There was another group of people that wasn’t being paid at all. In fact, it’s these people that claim this site is an outright scam. They haven’t been paid for the work they have done. Some people have even said that once they reached their payment threshold, they were banned as soon as they tried to withdraw all their ‘hard-earnings’.

There are other issues which are a cause for concern as well. At times you follow and finish simple instructions, only to be left frustrated because the task or job does not ‘complete’.
What do I exactly mean by this? Well from personal experience I had the same problem as other people. I followed simple instructions on some rather basic work, but the finished work just wouldn’t process.

I was asking myself this question, is there a technical glitch in the site so the finished task doesn’t register? If so, then that is no good, and it doesn’t seem the site owners are in a hurry to fix this problem.

Another thing to take into consideration is that Clickworker could simply reject your work as they check for quality.

But workers have dismissed the idea that the work you have done is purely rejected because it lacked quality. A certain person had complained about his work being rejected and said they were actually experienced in writing, proof-reading, language skills and editing. Either way, you think about it, your time has been wasted nonetheless.

Concluding this review, it certainly shows the classic signs of a SCAM here. The company seems to be clever by using the legal loopholes available to them, but not quite showing honest ethical practices.

So this is what You Should Know About Clickworker Com

Do you know anything that we don’t know? Please tell us your thoughts about Clickworker. Did you get paid? Or are you having problems just like the majority of people using their services? Leaving your feedback will help other people to know more about this. Thanks!

6 Responses to “Clickworker Com, What Should I Know About This?

  • Hi there
    This is great post and thanks for giving us the heads-up about this company
    I have never heard of this co. until I read your review, but I notice the rates of pay look to be ridicoulously small.
    Is it really .04c per job or is that a typo ?
    I am glad that you are telling people to give it serious thought before commiting to join
    Cheers and thanks again
    Phil Browne

    • You are absolutely spot on there Phil.

      I wanted to create a site with articles and information relating to making money for free, things you could do on your spare time (and, eventually I will also put WAH type jobs in there too).

      I want to give value to people around the world where doing these where it means a lot, also it can suit students and part time workers etc.

      However, as you correctly say, Clickworkers pay is extremely low and there are a lot of red flags which make me think they could be a scam.

  • Wow, I had no idea there were so many legitimate ways to make money on the internet! Do you think you can make a full-time living by doing a few of these things, and possibly even just one of them if you’re dedicated enough? About how much would you say someone who is willing to put in just 2-3 hours a day would make?

    • I think there are resources out there where it could be possible for people to make a full time living out there. So that’s my challenge and it would be exciting to find out if it were possible! That’s why I’ve created this site, at the moment the ways to make money doing these sorts of things are what I would call little side earners.

      But for this particular post I am trying to make people aware of from doing any work on Clickworker with all my findings.

  • Mohammed avaiz
    3 years ago

    sir i am unable to withdraw money from clickworker please help
    i have 14 euros payable in my clickworker account.

    • Sorry I wouldnt know how to help on that.

      You need to read them terms and conditions and write to them.
      Myself and many others wouldn’t recommend ClickWorker, too many red flags on this company.

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